Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Evening Re-Post

Long before the Pakistan government blocked FaceBook, people there quit using it en masse due to objections to page content...What a concept!
Apparently - just like McDonald's and Wal-Mart here in The States, there were no Private Industry Customs Police holding guns to their heads forcing them to go online and participate in the social network site. To the whiner/sniveler half of the population in the U.S. who just have to be protesting something - anything - from food, to water, to books about Obama to George Bush's lack of hair color, to get the government involved in everything from Iranian politics to the bubble-gum under the seats at movie theatres, this should be revolutionary news: Isn't that a smarter idea, altogether than whining to the government to ban, investigate or boycott everything you personally don't like? We got some groups of idiots led by cunning, crafty liars here in America that could get a freaking clue, to say nothing of a life! If you don't like something, don't support it/don't buy it/refuse to see the movie or read the book/express an alternate opine, instead of do-gooder bullshit, and wrapping yourself in "for the people/common good" off-white robes of self-righteousness.
Beats the fuck out of chopping peoples' heads off and starting "brave" new wars in foreign countries (who knew - certainly not The O-BUSH-ma)!


texlahoma said...

I totally agree, it's such a simple concept, but it works. As I become wide awake I notice so much propaganda on TV, not just the news but even in sitcoms. I just can't watch certain shows because they are so jam-packed with subtle propaganda.
That Cougar Town is just so stupid it makes my head hurt anyway but it has a lot of propaganda in it. I like "My name is Earl" but if you pay attention it is loaded down with government propaganda.

Ted Amadeus said...
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