Friday, July 23, 2010

American Scene

Expendable Plebescheithe
As Bankers' War reality sets in on those sent to die in it for the fattening of Khazar financier and Papist contractor bank accounts, a predictable effect.

(rail)Road To Beijing
With the ultra-concentrated mega-failure of their attempts to pull a fast one in the Gulf of Mexico, gas price gouging excuse-engineers take their gig to China...And better make sure they don't overplay their hand, unless Beijing's in their back pocket, too.

Business As Usual
The public appears to be looking for old-school conservative values from the GOP in November, but this beltway insider reveals the Bush Party is planning more of the same corporatist socialism and drift-left for which you threw them out in '08.

Save The Lapdogs

Jeffrey Folks appears convinced taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill to keep the fishwraps and other dumb-down dinosaur media afloat, especially if they blog or use the web.

More Mindless Migrant Mealy-Mouthing
Contrary to the obfuscations offered up by the Khazakh-Papist Cabal reiterated here, this is not a difficult issue on which to see daylight, if we wish to remain a sovereign nation and retain some semblance of economic security. Wetbacks make up 70% of the prison population, have all but unrestricted access to the American welfare state, and therefore, almost all the money the "undocumented Democrats" earn goes back across the border. Stossel's "solution" smacks of the modern FULSOB public educator's "reform" that consists of lowering test score requirements so more dolts can pass.


Anonymous said...

It's not like any of this surprises me. Palin is just another neocon. She resigned from the office of Alaska Governor so she could appear frequently on the talking-head shows on FOX, and other networks. The same old Republican talking points come out of her mouth. Most likely, she will be our next president... I shudder to think what that might be like. I wonder what new wars she would start.

We have a system that is rigged so the same two parties win elections. The Ds and Rs have a "rivalry" which is about as legitimate as a professional wrestling rivalry. They put on a great show, that's for sure.. Every election is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES... The Obama Administration has been good for lots of unintentional comedy.

I haven't voted since 1992, and I'm not about to do it again. It's not like the choices for President were all that great in the last election. I don't think a McCain Administration would have been any better than Obama. One way I will vote is with my passport... by getting the hell out of here and going to live in a better place.

Ted Amadeus said...

I hear-tell Panama is nice.

You called it on the dingle-brain from Homer. I am confident as you are, that, in the highly-unlikely event McCrackpot had been elected, we would be where we are now, if not worse.
You would not believe the brain-dead commentary I come across daily on the FB Saving America page that verifies the illusory competition between Donks & GOPhers is merely a contest between the radical left and the "light, fat-free, new & improved" *ahem* socialism offered by the GOP, and while all this bullshit goes on, nobody seems to care that American exceptionalism is slipping further away as we're becoming another third-world fascist hellhole.

Anonymous said...

They have a "saving America" page?? hehe... I will have to look at that.. sounds amusing

Ted Amadeus said...

I'm one of the admins, now.