Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Applied Modern Tecniques Of Brainfilthying

Zombieland is not just a movie anymore!
Galt-in-Da-Box was stopped dead in his tracks last night around 11, and couldn't put down this electronic mini-book to save his life til it had been completely devoured, sometime around 3AM. Some parts I had to read over again to get the full effect: I remembered hearing about comprachicos (from Spanish, lit: "child-buyers") in the days of my youth in the southwest, but dismissed it merely as some bizarre horror-fiction story - a gross underestimate of the actual, perverse derangement a Papist-controlled Euroculture can accept as everyday entertainment. That .pdf link is not for the faint of heart!
Before starting this post I was investigating another elsewhere; the typical conservative dirge on someone's blog displaying the ignorant - allegedly-"educated", like the dumb-ass pictured above - welfare mentality of the right-wing: "Gee, I hope somebody (else) does something about (issue being bitched about) soon!" It had never occurred to me before now that most conservative punditry wander in the same angry, confused, irritable fog of the street people so easily capitalized on by the likes of racism-preachers like Sharpton and Jackson: They stand around, arms folded in front of them or bent, fists-on-hips-at-sides, glaring at everyone else, expecting someone to work out their entirely-personal issues for them, when the real issue is they've never thought for themselves during their entire existence...It's as foreign a concept as speaking Urdu!
Partisan UEMFs love such "educated" ignorance, it's the best enslavement ever devised and instituted by a political class: Control of the deliberately-mind-crippled through emotionalist preconception! Non-interactive, dumb-down "information"-distribution systems from media to schools and advertisers are laced with the John Dewey psychotropic narcotic...Keep die plebescheithe hyped up and titillated, tuning across the bandwidth of "feeeeeeling" from happy to hysterical, according to the direction in which the elite rustlers want to stampede the herd: Keep them believing and buying. Feed them generous amounts of spiritualism, relativism and altruism - Sugar-coat the turds of mysticism and sell them as the donuts of "science"! You know it's a fact because you read it in the New York Times..."Eet's GOT to be TRRRUE, Comrade! Der Holy Mother Schtaat TV SAYS so!!!" The "collective wis-DUMB" of herd-instinct. Mass indoctrination and propaganda for the proletariat create a slave-class incapable of individual, creative thought that must have an "enLIEtened one" to guide them - like a bunch of pack dogs under the same "glooorious und vwonderful" whip.
It's also the pillar and ground of every form of tyranny clear back to ancient Babylon!
As you read the link you'll find the child-buyers not a thing of the past. The practitioners of youthful disfigurement and freak-making have merely moved their perverse art into the realm of the mind. Ayn Rand once again draws you in by thinking it's a simple, third-party tale. It begins a bit of history. By the time you reach the end you'll be doing some serious soul-searching to discover whence came the scars upon it...
You may not like what you find!

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