Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Classless Society

Galt-in-Da-Box wishes to inform you that the long-dremt and sought-after Progressive goal has been achieved!
Not to be confused with the clueless society, though they are so similar-appearing as to be indistinguishable. On my way home from work, I stop at a new convenience store in the neighborhood to get a jumbo-size fountain soda. This is commonplace behaviour in the dog-days of summer when the mercury hangs round the 80-90 range. As I head back to the truck I notice that parked on the opposite side is a fairly new Pontiac SUV with windows rolled down, all lights on, engine running, and radio blasting. Over said din, this young woman in the passenger seat of the SUV, who couldn't have been more than 15 if that, shouts out to me while I'm getting in my ride
"Wanna hook up?"
I didn't look her way as I got behind the wheel, as it was obvious she was either stoned or drunk. After a few seconds the amazement faded, and it took a while to stop laughing. There were groceries to get out of the heat and in the fridge, so I set it aside for this post - along with the fact I'm 44, greying, fat and not the least bit that youthful looking, so I can't for a minute even think she knew what she was talking about, let alone was serious - and drove on home. Suddenly I don't have trouble seeing why all those public school teachers are getting laid...
Classless - as in "without any class at all".


Bob said...

The modern day males "Dream" female... Ignorant, thoughtless, but always available. (Sorta like those clueless hippie females in the 60's, only much worse)

Walking away from her was the best thing you could have done... If one of your goals in life is to not catch any venereal disease.

Definitely not todays "Dream" female... not in control, not in charge, not intelligent, not witty, not self-assured, just a life-support system for an always readily available vagina.

This simple-minded casualty of feminism has a great chance to become another burden on the State. Herpes will be - or already is - her only truly faithful lifetime companion. She will gain 300 pounds by 35, and spend the rest of her life echoing the likes of Oprah, bemoaning how life is sooo unfair, agreeing with others of her ilk about how useless and despicable men really, really are.

She will break down Wal-Mart handicap carts with predictable regularity and have a quart-sized softdrink container fused onto her off-hand.

She will learn to bitch and complain endlessly to gain any edge or advantage. She will make life miserable for those who are trapped in her world.

She will - in the end - become another of society's bloodsucking leeches offering nothing in return except a lifelong mountain of fecal matter and a lake of urine.

Ted Amadeus said...

The really sad thing about all this Bob, is...It was hours later while writing about it that the perfect responses started coming to mind:

"Your trailer court called...Their trash is missing!"

"No thanks, I'm already involved in a meaningless relationship."

"If I promise to miss you, would you go the fuck away!?"

"Thanks, but I got all the VD-chasing out of my system in my thirties."

And so it goes...


i feel sad for her...wonder what kind of choices she had when she picked out that road to travel.

texlahoma said...

I always think of smart things to say back to people well after the time has passed.
The times, they are a changing.

My dad, is pretty old, with old time morals. He recently went to a high school event and said "Well, this school ought to be here for a long time to come."
I asked "Why?" He said
"Because I've never seen so many pregnant high school girls in my life!"

Ted Amadeus said...

Well YdG, the crapaganda of feminism taught by TV (the busiest babysitter in America) and pubic screw-ools encourages a young woman to screw around like the guys do.
Stage two of this game comes when one of these birds she decided to bang introduces her to liquor &/ drugs.
The rest pretty much plays out closely patterned to what Bob said earlier; a clusterfuck to end all clusterfucks!

tex, see Bob's comment & my reply to JS's. "Teenage Wasteland" ain't just a rock dirge anymore.