Sunday, July 25, 2010

"House Of Satan"

Remember all that globalist bullshit you've been spoon-fed about "China's emerging middle class" and "boom economy in India"?
Before you buy that pair of jeans or autumn jacket at Wal-Mart, you might want to read this. Have a look at some of the kids who paid for it. In dirt-poor countries, people work dirt cheap. They get treated like dirt, too:

On top of the insult of $25 a month comes the injury for "not knowing your place" in a caste-system corruptocracy!

I'll never get the pictures of these defenseless little boys out of my mind.

There are those who'll say I should not have posted this kind of thing. If it wakes people up to the reality of what goes on behind the scenes, it's worth it. The Synagogue of Satan and the Whore of Babylon have to hide the fact your money is worthless somehow. Exporting jobs to third-world hellholes and paying people next to nothing in sweat shops is a big part of that process! Dare I mention illegal migrants...You think they work for a dollar an hour and live 12 to a room because it's fun? Be certain that, thanks to the Papistocracy of Washington middlemen selling America down the river, you don't have to go to Bangladesh to find this kind of thing going on. What do you think those "sanctuary cities" in California are really all about? Do the fucking math, people.
Jackie Sue, I always thought it was funny that you called Wal-Mart the "house of Satan", but I'm not laughing anymore.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, YDG had that right all along huh?
We truly need to buy American made products, now more than ever.
I like those bumper stickers that say "Think globally - act locally"


which is why I no longer shop there..I go to our closest HEB now..and always have bought american.
which is why every tv i have bought in the last 30 years have been an rca.

Ted Amadeus said...

I had only been buying groceries there, but that ended last week, when, after the tip from tex, I found this story in mainstream news (Establishment bragging) and resolved, "no more!"
We have an awesome alternative up here that's kind of halfway between Aldi and Wal-Manaca price-wise, and the people are friendly.
If you can still get decent deals from small local retailers, they are your best bet. The fact of the matter is, little hometown stores have nearly been taxed and regulated out of existence because globalist corporatocracies like Wal-Slave wield a lot of lobby clout.
The dark side of "buy American" JackieSue, is what I mentioned in the article: Living here in the rust belt, I know from experience there's not an independent factory left in this country that's not Papist owned and dependent on illegal labor. UEMFs in the unions are on board with it, and make no attempt to recruit these plants - all noises to the contrary notwithstanding. Sad to say, if there actually is a brand of TV set made in the USA, it was probably from one of these "maquiadora/good, Christian" sweatshops.
There's always Goodwill and Salvation Army, as well as other thrift stores, garage sales, &c. Very little I own is of the new, Chinese-made variety.

Bob said...

"Buy American".

Wish I could. But where can you find even a light bulb, or a pencil, or a pair of undies not made somewhere else?

The sunzabitches in Washington have given away all our manufacturing capability.

But feel encouraged. You will soon be able to buy an American-made solar panel.(with chinese cells)

Sometimes I would like to do to them what Rome did to Spartacus and his followers... For what they have done to America.

And then let their rotting carcasses bake in the sun... Buzzard chow.

Bob said...

A question:

Why does the vest on that policeman say "police" in English?

Ted Amadeus said...

Because India used to be part of the British Empire, was a Commonwealth state long after that and still primarily does business with English-speaking countries, I would presume.