Sunday, July 4, 2010

Interdependence Day

Or, how to completely miss the obvious:
A glittering jewel of Constitutional ignorance shares his insights about something many wish they could forget, but probably never will...Especially with the current, endless police-actions in Iraq and Afghanistan! It helps to be the typical, brain-filthied, OMFR Khazakh who can't see beyond the fattening of his own bank accounts. Factor in the usual "world owes me a living because of injustices done my dead ancestors" Euro-mentality, and cheering on the warfare state becomes childs' play.
It may have escaped notice by "The Hoser", but for every dead kid from each imperialist "armed conflict" we send them off to, there's a father and mother who will never hold her son or daughter again, another head of household gone forever and increased drain on public benefits. If you want to stoke up the "commie"-hunt, you don't need to go any further than Washington D. C. There are enough of them infesting our own bureaucracy now for a good long red herring. The needless cannon-fodder "war" cited is a blue-ribbon example of what happens with bureaucrats for generals, war-mongering financiers and the military-industrial complex coming together to send U.S. millions into debt for someone else's benefit. Thanks to Eric's delusions - oft-shared among the political class and their bankers in many nations - a burgeoning world debt crisis looms, accompanied by the potential for a new Greater Depression than we've ever seen before...
Since Bush has spent our trillions and Obama is spending the tens of trillions of future generations, we might wish to forget that first interventionist escapade for the glory of the Vatican and the enrichment of BanKhazar, but you can be certain this blogger never will!



never take advice from a man who wears a dress..unless its Rue Paul.

Anonymous said...

These are things we need to think about on every national holiday that glorifies war. July 4, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc. I'm tired of hearing the brainwashed masses saying that our military is "fighting for freedom." They are not protecting any freedoms (well, the few freedoms we have left), they are committing genocide. They invade other countries under false pretenses and kill millions of innocent people.

Ted Amadeus said...

YdG, I have to figure you're talking about that switch-hitting Papist J. Edgar Hoover, and his accomplices Fulton J. Sheen and Joe MacCarthy, who pulled the greatest "berzerker"/smokescreen scam on U.S. of all freaking time; & without whose truth-distorting efforts Pope Pius IX would have gotten his neck stretched at Nuremberg with the rest of the genocidal war criminals and mass-murderers.

Jason, I'm coming round to that same conclusion, but you can't destroy a free republic and build a worldwide empire with it instead, without perpetual interventionist police-actions and "armed conflicts". The hype and emotionalism surrounding same also helps distract the plebes from the fact their liberty is gradually being taken away also!

texlahoma said...

As we gear up for war with Iran under president "Obama" I am reminded of McCain singing bomb Iran.
It kind of seems like war with Iran was already on the schedule, and who we elected was just a formality.