Friday, July 2, 2010

Keeping The Non-Faith

Really wanna go there, Ms. O'Hair?
Let's review the track record of some of the more prominent ones that rose to positions of unlimited power: Joseph Stalin, 60 million of his fellow countrymen dead at the hands of his goons. Pol Pot, 10 million dead as a result of wars and pogroms of the Khmer Rouge. Mao The Tung, at least a hundred million dead as a result of the so-called "great leap forward". The facts seem to indicate disaster strikes best and hardest whenever your heroes get absolute power. We haven't even thrown Hitler into the mix since the jury's still out on whether he was a Papist or pagan, but he didn't even come close to the "big A" atheists we've mentioned.
Another disturbing tendency of these community-minded pillars of which you speak so highly is, how they rail against wealth and privilege before university classes and TV audiences, while many of them come from such a background, or are the epitome of it. They seem to prefer gulags or abortion clinics to hospitals since, when they're not lying about the environment they're lying about overpopulation. I don't see many of them volunteering to give their billions away to feed the poor, cleaning up the oily gulf beaches or planning to off themselves to "reduce the surplus population". Sorry Madelyn, but the scientific (forensic) evidence for your claims appears to be a bit wanting. I see about as much proof for your assertions as there is for global warming/climate change/whatever they're calling it this fucking week.
With a history bloodier than that of the Vatican, Galt-in-Da-Box is gonna hafta keep looking for a "religion of peace", but thanks anyway for pointing out where NOT to bother!



the Goddess is waiting for you.

Ted Amadeus said...

I'll bet she's sick and tired of being blasphemed by folk like O'Hair, too!
Good for Her!

texlahoma said...

I don't think I've ever seen an Atheist Hospital, according to what Madalyn said they should be on every corner. I don't recall any big Atheist charity groups. I never see large groups of Atheist protesting war or trying to stop wars.
Seems all the evidence points to Madalyn being full of shit.