Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"...like everyone else..."

Are you getting sick and tired of hearing this ridiculous phrase?
Galt-in-Da-Box got burned out on it decades ago when it was the chorus of pubic screw-ool, teacher, classmates & basically every adult I encountered but my mom, who couldn't figure out the opposite of courage in our day is not cowardice, but conformity. It's used less often these days, politicians seeking re-election, "social justice" advocates, bureaucrats and other useful idiots to the destroyers of American liberty being the notable exceptions. If there's anyone older than 21 out there too insensate to honestly realize nobody is exactly "like everyone else" and never going to be, you should make an appointment to have your head examined for cracks or extra holes sometime soon! One size doesn't fit all, but the only thing more ignorant than political insistence it does are the enablers of this foolosophy who are constantly running about playing "follow the follower", and actually trying to be like everyone else...Hey dumbass: Mediocrity is not a virtue!
This is Also Known As "keeping up with the Joneses". The Joneses can suck my fat one! There's little more brainless or disgusting than the middle-class American phenomenon of dude in debt for a house, two cars, a wife and kids - with half-a-bun still in the oven and baking - therefore myriad other debts, that looks across the fence and sees that Microphone Jones just bought a 17-foot bass boat and decides largely on envy and impulse he can't live without one, too. Do you even go to the lake? Can you afford the taxes and other maintenance? Do you fish or have any other common sense interest in water sports? No? Then what the fuck are you going to do with a 17-foot bass boat, dumbass!?
The really shocking thing about this great American psychosis, is most of the tools engaged therein are allegedly "educated"! Somewhere in that education they must've been absent or it was never taught, that buying a bunch of shit you don't need, and going into debt to do it, all because you want to look good is the fast track to the poor house...More accurately, the lightning-track to the debt-slave slum: One Orca Windfrey-inspired "I don't feeeeeel our relationship is going anywhere" from the little lady competing with you on the job, one tax increase (hell, there's no less than 20 of them on the way), one pink slip, one ambulance ride and hospital stay or other unexpected catastrophe, and this fool quickly finds out the paddle might have been a nice accessory to include on that bass boat trip up Shit Creek!
Methinks this explains much government spending, also. President Dumbass looks over and sees Slobovia is at war with Biafra & decides we just gotta have one! Shitstainistan has a government health care plan, all the other members of the Presidents' Club are pointing and laughing and making fun of Dumbass because he's supposed to be in charge of "the greatest country in the world" and doesn't have one, so he conforms...And then some: He launches an all-out blitz on common sense to persuade the plebes it's a great idea, carefully ignoring the fact his country already outspends any other on existing public benefits for health care, and has the massive public debt to prove it. Hire some high-caliber media whiners, mix in some lobbyists and before long, a new shiny political box that goes bing and massive collective credit card hit. Imagine the intellectual embarrassment of buying that shiny new 17-foot bass boat & getting it home, only to find while rummaging about for that tarp you bought last fall you already have two of them buried under the junk in the garage?
Congratulations dumbass, you're just "like everyone else" now...FUCKED!


Master Doh-San said...

"the opposite of courage in our day is not cowardice, but conformity."

Conformity is a form of cowardice. It's for people who don't have the guts to be themselves.

Ted Amadeus said...
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