Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Molon Labe" Civil Defense

This post is being written in the sincerest belief and hope the information contained herein will never be needed:
When "bipartisan" efforts are being made however, to indefinitely suspend or eliminate our core liberties under the guise of fighting terrorism, and after a thought provoking read this morning, and much follow-up research here in general (the bits listed there about robbers and robbery are particularly pertinent to our discussion), Galt-in-Da-Box is pretty certain why all the espionage on American citizens by their own government is going on, and even more so that some type of, for want of a better term "cold civil war" civil defense system needs to be arranged among us, by mutual, individual effort.
We should realize that the "interview" period is ending, and the "positioning" phase has begun. This is where the robber works to maneuver the mark into an optimum place to strike. I'm phrasing this in criminal terms because what has been perpetrated upon America going the last decade (i.e: Since 11SEP2001), and what will shortly come upon it if it does in the near-term, is nothing less than crime, though foisted by those who are supposed to be employed in preventing it. Going forward, you have to operate on the assumption a confrontation is inevitable, with the resolve to be the "last man standing". We need a cohesive public strategy of "Molon Labe" civil defense, the preliminary guidelines of such should consist of the following:
There has never been a greater myth than the popularly-propagated military one that defense is a no-win strategy. It has proven to be a disastrous assumption in Korea (stalemate), Vietnam (defeat), and Afghanistan (Soviet defeat, Globalist"American" one pending). Churchill and every Brit would have died or been subjects of the Nazis if such foolishness were true: Afghan rabble, with little more than hand-weapons and resolve, have proven otherwise. The most successful defensive warfare methodologies have involved time, consumption and encapsulation, or simply, by turning your fortress into a trap or prison for the enemy. A criminal is much less likely to rob an institution where the fight to get away with the loot is going to be harder than the struggle to get in. It's a lot easier to defeat an opponent thousands of miles away, if you make him come to you, start the war and fight it on a battlefield you know well: He faces uncertain terrain, an unpredictable foe, supply issues, fuel consumption and the reality of imminent attack from any or all sides...Especially - as in Vietnam and Iraq - when the adversary could walk up to you looking like a woman pushing a baby carriage and blow up in your face.
Drunken brawler.
You must realize and exploit your adversaries' weaknesses, whether in a war or a fist-fight. When you figure the aggressor in the conflict of which we speak is trillions in debt, spending more it doesn't have daily, spread out across the globe with no immediate way of getting home, dependent on the dregs of society for most of its manpower and generic assumptions for battle plan, discounts and underestimates the individual combatant, is staffed by many who neither approve nor appreciate its current course of burning the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and driven by madmen - the leader of which is not even a citizen of the republic - the playing field is not at all level, but in your favor. Because those who have to do the actual dirty-work know the majority of these weaknesses also, the advantages of our next point should be obvious.
Kent State...Need I say more? Who doesn't remember the blood and gore of unarmed civilians mercilessly gunned down by The State? This is an essential part of eventual victory: Let the aggressor set the rules, then use them against him! The Confederate States failed because they thought they could be offensive, chivalrous and genteel about their struggle, and had no accurate picture of what they were dealing with until it was too late. This was because their side of the war was planned in the Vatican decades before it happened and the Confederate leadership were Papist to the man...Afflictions of which the enemy suffers now! Such illusions need not be the death knell of the United States, if we refuse to be intimidated and stand our ground. How?
Someone who conceal-carries, locks his doors and windows, employs silent alarm services, is aware of his or her surroundings at all times and pays attention is as much a deterrent to criminals as they are ready to deal with them should they appear. Similarly, a citizenry doing all it can to train, arm and prepare itself against an assault from any quarter stands a better chance of getting its country back when the inevitable fascist pogrom comes to round them up and take all they have! Fort Knox is built and based on the hardened target/fortress-trap concept, which is why - until an inside job, when KikeBancUSA was established - it had never been successfully plundered. A "victory" that is going to cost the Empire of Deceit and Debt much more than it's eventually worth is a defeat!
Consumptive defensive strategy.
Take out an enemy combatant, take his weapons and supplies. Wear the opponent out at every turn. Make him waste and consume resources he does not have in order to fight, thus engendering more opponents you can rally to America's cause in a conflict. Does the Vietnamese strategy of laying underground and attacking their opposition from all sides ring any bells? Simply moving in with airplanes and tanks does not make a victory, as George W. Bush-evik discovered in Iraq. The enemy hid in plain sight by day and blew up his vehicles and depots by night.
This point must be made because if the aggressor strikes, it is "no holds barred" and no turning back til victory. You have, in fact, endured many abuses and usurpations of your Bill of Rights with exemplary restraint...There may well come a time between now and November when you dare not act with restraint any longer. That strike will not be a matter of words or legislation, but deeds: Massive military mobilizations to oppress, detain or plunder innocent civilians. Civilian disarmament. It may take some other form, from friends and relatives "disappearing" in the middle of the night, large numbers of "no-knock" raids in your locality or similar flagrant American Krystallnacht, but when the government declares war on YOU The People, it will be obvious: Using the military as police or open recruiting for some special "Citizens National Security Force/brownshirt" corps would be a blatant pretext of the impending assault, if they don't play some part of the citizenry against the whole - as they did in Nazi Germany. All fascist regimes resort to direct, forceful manipulation of the citizens at some point during the "change" to their "hope" of totalitarianism! The best way to believe for the best is by planning and preparing against the worst.
God be with you America, and "Long live the cause of freedom!!!"


Bob said...


Well, at 72, not much chance of getting some sort of return on all the ammo I have bought.

When a box of ammo costs far less than a carton of cigarettes it becomes obvious to the most casual observer that ammo is the item to buy/trade.

The all-new question of the day between friends:

"What caliber are you?"

Ted Amadeus said...

That's alright, man...As "The Duke" once said "A gun that's unloaded and cocked ain't much good for nuthin'!"
Keep your powder dry.

texlahoma said...

I think the globalist had to decide if a false charge of racism or sexism would be stronger. When they picked Obarry over Hillary there was your answer. "All who oppose him are racists."
I hope the American people surprise everyone when the time comes. At some point we have to start standing up not only for our own rights but for the rights of others. We can't make it easy for them, at some point all the rules that we have been living by, as far as tolerating our oppressors, have to go out the window. "No more Mr. Nice guy."

Ted Amadeus said...

There's only so much shit you can eat, and America has been force-fed plenty of it!
I expect Der Holy Mother Schtaat is going to need a lot more illegals and foreign recruits for the goon squads and thug platoons of the "Citizens' National Security Force" Our Dear Leader wants to deploy among U.S. to enforce compliance, but once they start to move, only those who are prepared for this home-grown invasion will survive.
A big clue that your last chances to prepare have arrived will be when they start campaigns to "buy back" your guns, followed by demands you surrender them/excessive firearm ownership regulation, then "aggressive enforcement".