Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pack To The Polls 2010 *UPDATED*

This November, in certain leftist-socialist infested parts of the country (like Washington D.C, specifically the Holder DOJ) you may have to exercise your Second Amendment rights in order to guarantee the ability to exercise your First.
It appears these gestapo thugs are going to walk Scot-free, and they and their fellow racist (contrary to Donkaganda, it's NOT an exclusively "white thing") fascists will be out terrorizing voters again. Who starts what is not important; who finishes it is. Let them take a swing at you, then put their LAFSOB, whitie-be-alway-pickin'-awn-me ass down and call the cops. Galt-in-Da-Box can't speak for you, but has personally had just about enough of an authoritarian White House regime crawling with racists, criminals and goons that needs to be impeached and imprisoned ASAP, if we are to preserve the Republic. To the SEIU, ACORN, NBP and the rest of the malt-liquor-swilling, doped-up & Schtaat-supported terrorists propping up this media-hating travesty of leadership, an open invitation to fuck with me at the polling place:
We'll be waiting for you punks, me, Smith & Wesson...Bring it on!

UPDATE: Some information that could become useful in the weeks and months ahead, leading up to the elections.
Frederick Douglass said "Power concedes nothing without a demand", well fascistic Communists usually culminate their subversion with a nation in turmoil, engineered through some combination of almost completely government-produced crises that cause a major catastrophic failure of some kind (Cap&Tax, finance bill, Obamacare all together)...I don't see their leftist agenda advancing Congress going quietly, with Our Dear Leader making hundreds of trips across the land to organize things. A more likely scenario is more of the same terrorist bedlam described above, set for causing trouble during the catastrophe or to intimidate "crackah" at the polls: When government - by proxy thugs or some form of direct assault - declares war on its own people, anything goes!
Biden almost let the cat out of the bag talking about "something major happening" early on, and the adversary/devil-spirit realm never has any qualms with overplaying its hand, so be ready for anything.


texlahoma said...

I saw that voter intimidation crap, looks like someone is trying to start a race war. Black leaders should be speaking out and condemning these guys.

Ted Amadeus said...

Instead, they're falsely accusing the TEAbaggers in the usual hope of shaking loose phat jack...It's what happens after 50 years of catering to weakness, feeling we can buy votes from the LOOTer classes, culminating in 8 years of BOGA by George W. Bush and the neo-con-artists.
I just hope there's not MORE giving in and knuckling under to these white-hating, socialism-promoting Obammunists!