Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Real Terrorism Update

By the time real news is out of corporate/collectivist suppression and into the ABCNNBCBS mainstream (lapdog) media, it's not news anymore, but Establishment bragging.
The New Dark Age may be settling upon U.S. fast, but perhaps this is why citizen journalism and internet media - no longer limited to just the blogosphere - will not go quietly into the night. Galt-in-Da-Box does not regard the foregoing as anything other than proof the Establishment press has to 'fess up (pardon the pun) "periodically". It will be very interesting to see what happens when the Rain-BO Curtain goes up from the "White" House, because if highly-classified info can get to the Washington Post it can and does go elsewhere, with corporate greed being at the manic levels it is: It's impossible to imagine, in the voyeuristic culture the world has become in the short while the internet's been around, that the same multi-nat that engineered and built Uncle Shylock's "kill" switch hasn't sold another to one of its competitors to turn it right back on.
Apparently the heirs to Woodward & Burnstein have clued into the fact that allowing socialists to inherit the works of fascists is probably not in the public interest. With the almost universal exposition of government goon squads and gulags I'm tempted to subscribe to the Tinfoil Hat philosophy, but every time I almost completely buy it, some wonderful, genuinely liberal soul like this comes along to give me real hope. For good or ill, the last time The Whore tried to pull a totalitarian fast one on America there was someone in the media complex not playing along:
Edward R. Murrow is far from dead, and thank God for it!


Anonymous said...

This "investigation" by the Washpo is not exactly a surprise. It would be a surprise to those who pay no attention to current events. When I listened to short wave radio many years ago, I came across lots of numbers stations, which are broadcasts of coded messages that are not intended for the general public. Look up "numbers stations" on wikipedia. I haven't read the WASHPO's investigation in its entirety, but I hope they devote some space to numbers stations. Just a thought.

Ted Amadeus said...

What it tells me, beyond any doubt, is big government is "recon"ing the citizens in search of excuses to make trouble/shit to trump up in order to throw people in jail, or make them disappear.

texlahoma said...

I think you're onto something, why would you need so many people working like that otherwise?

Ted Amadeus said...

tex, it just seems to me that, barring a miracle, the excrement is going to be on its way to the air circulator sometime between now and November, or November of 2012.
Fascists don't go quietly.