Saturday, July 3, 2010

Uncomfortably True

Reciprocity (for those of you in Miami-Dade Co. FL, that means "the law of cause and effect") is still barely more than a concept to many allegedly-"enLIEtened" folk running the show into the ground today.
Fred Reed's most recent offering points out some of the unintended consequences of the sexual revolution. AM takes on a modern emoscientist of the same ilk. There are many facts of life we continue to live in open rebellion against today. The uncomfortable truth is, the facts will have their way with the rebels, no matter how many "social justice" workers rise to defend their error. There is a power greater than human government. It goes by many names. Some call it God, others Natural Selection. It favors the best and fittest, not the weak-minded and worst...Speaking of which, these gents fail to point out the most oppressive and dangerous pussy-whip is wielded not by the feminists, but the fake "holy mother" and her gaggle of black-robed momma's boys.
Galt-in-Da-Box learned recently of the pining away and untimely demise of a man who spent his entire life pursuing counterfeits. He preferred Vaticanism to the Bible, religion to discipleship and altruism to charity. He came to the end of life's road unaccompanied, unlamented, anonymously, and by his own hand. We do not speculate on what dealt the final blow to the structure "Christian"-ized spiritualism had already set tottering, but believe there is a key, with so many child-molesting Jesuit sodomites floating to the surface of the dispensationalist toilet water and no small number of them having been rotated through his parish as a youngster. To this day, the family still vehemently defends the polyglot of error they feel is "the one true and only church", thus clinging to the very thing that has cut a blazing path of destruction and misery through its male cotingent. Oh well, say St. Semiramis's black widows...They're only good for a screw anyway, then take all they got and cast them aside.
Add this blood to that of the 68 million already on her hands!


texlahoma said...

It seems like they set this up on purpose.
"Let's make it real unnatural, no wives for priests."

"That way they will have no sexual release, unless they want to molest little kids!"

"Yes, that sounds like an excellent plan, mahahaha!"

Just that alone should be enough to send people (especially ones with children) running away from the Catholic Church.

Bob said...

Let us not forget that it was Pope Paul 2nd that openly set into motion the church policy of welcoming homosexuals with open arms.

How'd that work out for you there, Pope?

Ted Amadeus said...

tex, I might put an expensive lace dress and lipstick on a pig, successfully teach the old mudbathed sow to dance even, but in the end it would still be pork-on-da-hoof.

Judging strictly by results Bob, not too motherfuckin' good.