Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Do You Make Of It?

The chance and resources to make something better of ourselves are always available.
People often ask nowdays, "Does college pay?" Yes, if you're a good football or basketball coach, I hear they pay very well! Seriously though, unless you are certain of what you want to do and are seeking specialized knowledge in a given field of endeavor, and most importantly, know of a quality institution of higher learning that has a track record of helping others meet their career goals, college is an expensive waste of time. You can probably already hear the stampede of modern academics racing to the defense of their largely-taxpayer-subsidized profession; the high-pitched, mulleted whimpering about "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance!" and so on, but I stand by my assertion, and Galt-in-Da-Box can point to millions who flunked out, never completed, or emerged degree - and massive credit card and student loan bills - in hand, that never found a job in their chosen profession/are working at McDonald's or someplace similar (if they're working at all) with absolutely no hope of getting out of debt. Perhaps the Jesuit sniveling in effeminate squeak about "What kind of a country are we living in, when the poor can't go to college" a couple decades ago should have realized "the poor" can't honestly afford to drive Mercedes-Benzes, or vacation on the French Riviera either.
America more accurately suffers from the delusion that people don't succeed for want of education. How is it then that people like Dave Thomas became millionaires without it, and only after doing so, went back and satisfied bureaucratic regulations? What is truly needed, is more inspiration and motivation than credentials!
Parents who tell their kids they can't get anywhere without a college degree are living in the past, and do not accurately see that by the time a student finishes 4-8 years of traditional collegiate indoctrination, most of what he or she has learned is obsolete - especially if their training has been in computers or electronics. Government has slowed and dulled the learning curve down so we have no dunce left behind, and has provided nothing more than the opportunity for everyone - regardless of their actual talent or ability - to have a degree in Green Chinese Pottery. I believe it was Ted Nugent who said "I never had time for college, I was too busy learning how to do things." Amen, brother...Preach it - from the highest housetops and mountainsides as possible. Success awaits whoever knows what they want to do, prepares for their opportunity, then recognizes that opportunity when it arrives.
These foundational components of achievement used to be taught by this nation's churches, then echoed by the Ivy League! Now of course, the process has been almost completely reversed or eviscerated. Opportunity is still there, but opportunism is also: Political favoritism plays a part in too many things today, but notwithstanding - even though you have to dig deeper than ever to find them - if you can learn a few basic principles about how people and things work, you can acquire the ability to make things happen. Modern churches have bought the bless-me-club/self-righteousness-salvation bum steers, believe individual achievement is evil, and therefore motivate no one to do anything much more than leave, or barf.
The era of the "self-made man" has returned, and there's a wonderful tool kit available for those who desire such an "extreme makeover" - long ignored and rejected by religion - cleverly disguised as the Bible!



opportunity knocks..but it's some times disguised as work.

Ted Amadeus said...

You said it, and a sizable chunk of that work in in the fields most never seem to want to plow these days: The field of the mind!

Anonymous said...

Neither Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates have college degrees, and I think they've done quite well in life. I don't have one, nor do I ever intend to get one.

texlahoma said...

I wasted a couple of years worth of my mom and dads money going to college. I was faced with a choice between working with a bunch of rough boys in the oilfield or going to a college loaded with pretty, young women. I chose the latter. I do feel bad for wasting money though. I have a pretty good job now that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I learned in college, so I'd have to say you are correct sir, at least in my case.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

There have been too many people that went from not having a proverbial "pot to piss in, or window to throw it out of" to rolling in phat jack like a pig in shit for me to buy the "official (bullshit) story" on higher education...It's a freaking sales pitch, and that's all:
"It's not what you've got, it's what YOU DO with what you've got!"