Saturday, July 24, 2010

Your Mission,

Should you choose to accept it:
This weekend, and for the week ahead, whenever you find yourself in any waiting area (laundry, doctor's office, &c) look through any magazines or newspapers for ads from BP, Wal-Mart or other big corporation. With a sharpie or other bold-print pen write "FUCK" largely and visibly in front of its name, or "SUCKS" right after it.
Your choice.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..... I would write SUCKS if I saw an ad for Microsoft.

Ted Amadeus said...

Windows: The world's first (and hopefully LAST) masturbating that, I mean anytime it's inactive for more than five minutes, it starts shuffling files on the disc, moving them about here there & yon - basically "playing with itself", hence necessitating disc defrags, cleanup, scandisc &c.
I wonder if it grows hair on the palms of its hands, too!?

texlahoma said...

Man, I was waiting for a long time a couple of days ago, I would have happily accepted that mission. I'll get um next time.

Anonymous said...

Ted, another question to ask yourself.. Will it go blind?