Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chickenshit New World

...Or intellectual wasteland...
In this segment from a 1959 interview with Mike Wallace, Aldous Huxley predicts things and events in the shape they are taking today:

The emerging picture (what we'll see in ANOTHER 50 years, assuming America survives its own effeminacy that long) is of an unthinking, illiterate, touchy-feely emotionalist populace not merely comfortable in slavery, but constantly looking to government for more of it under the partisan-induced bad faith that "if I give up all my liberty I'll be safe": They feel "water comes from a tap and food from a supermarket". In the days this video was made, most Americans were accustomed to a life of outdoor work and recreation with a minimal reliance on electronic play-pretties, and computers were the size of office buildings, if they existed at all. Today's generation reads sparingly and can't think, if it's not on a website. The idea of memorizing useful information and reconciling it with what is going on around them is barely more than a concept. Since the majority are on some form of welfare state handout for issues actual or imagined, it's leisure not work that is the norm. We don't have Mr. Huxley's Soma pills, just a wide variety of tranquilizers and sedatives for the pubic-screwooled, to keep their minds addled and wrinkle-free. When outside the class room, there's pot and a wide variety of other narcotics to waste their minds. If you don't have the money to buy something, you just use somebody else's via plastic, while the producers and earners of that wealth are despised as "capitalist leeches". Do you marvel that any liar promising something for nothing gets elected with these folks for voters?
Neither history nor posterity favor the degenerate!


texlahoma said...

I thought that was a good post. As for drugs, don't forget about fluoride in the water of major cities, used by the Nazi's to keep the masses subdued and the proposed lithium additives to the water supply to "prevent suicide".

Ted Amadeus said...

Make the fuckin' dummies docile and robotic...Perfect Papist mentality, go figure!?