Friday, August 6, 2010

Here's My Question:

Is YOUR congressman this ignorant and elitist?
If he is, vote his fucking ass OUT in November!
Listen to what this politician is saying...He's been re-elected by socialism-loving boomers like himself and other idiots so many times, he clearly believes that is a "right" also. Such voters should get this through their soft, pudgy, fatheads: YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO ANYTHING THAT COERCIVELY PLACES A BURDEN ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!
Perhaps that room full of constituents should prove that to him.

While we're pursuing the obviously not dead slavery issue, you should know the party that falsely accused the GOP for all the Bush years of wanting to reinstate the draft, has proposed legislation to do just that...from none other than New Yawk's favorite Commie, tax-cheat and con-artist, Charlie Rangel!!! No wonder Obama advised this crooked crackpot to resign: He's quickly scuttling what slim chances House Donks have of re-election with HR 5741 (Reintroduced 23JUL2010). Where's Cindy Sheehan in all this? It doesn't surprise me the Democrats are in the same BanKhazar back pockets as the GOPhers when it comes to cannon-fodder police-actions.
It would surprise me greatly if Rangel and Stark aren't Papist or atheist - same thing, really!


Master Doh-San said...

You'd get far fewer affirmative answers if you asked "Is your Congresscritter smarter than this?". :-)

(Psssst: Rangel's from New Yawk. But he's still buddies with Illinois' native commie son.)

Bob said...

My vote is to take assholes like this out to the public square, horse whip them and then leave them in stocks for three days as rotten tomato targets.

The toss them out of office, cancel their retirement goodies, confiscate their property, and ship them off to a Palestine refugee camp to live out their days.

Other than that, we should be kind.

texlahoma said...

This guy also said "There is no immigration problem."

I think if these guy are counting on a new war or another false flag attack to save them in November, they are way underestimating the intelligence of the voters.

Ted Amadeus said...

Well guys, in light of some shit I recently stumbled across, on which I'll be posting later, Bob's idea would be a nice start...Not unlike that old joke about 500 lawyers at the bottom of the Potomac.
That funny noise in the background is JFK whirling dervishly in his grave (the most patriotic of the Kennedy tribe - no wonder the Whore greased him first)!
I stand corrected, MDS.