Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Conservatives Lose

Brian L. Bex sent me a transcript of this decades ago.
Galt-in-Da-Box is honored to be able to present for you, Ayn Rand's original dissertation. She would be extremely appalled at how much the "conservatives" have further degenerated in our day and time (i.e: to seeing capitalism as nothing more than a bed-fellow with the coercers, and no deal to sleazy or crooked to make)!


Bob said...

Well now.

Her position that conservatives who fall back on religion and use "faith" as their response to attacks on capitolism and our way of life conceeds to the enemy any and all intellectual argument is surely true.

It is why I have a tendency to pull my hair out when otherwise reasonable, intelligent and logical folks start waving the bible around. They will lose, and Anne clearly tells us why.

Believe in God? any god? Fine and dandy. Go to church on Sunday. Plop down on your prayer mat and croon towards Mecca, whatever. But one should not shoot onesself in the head when so much is at stake by giving up on this world for the promise of a better next one.

For the moment, this one is all we have. This world is the one we are stuck with in the here and now, and we'd better start fighting for it.

The enemy we are facing is not the "devil". The enemy is a group of humans who lust for power and control - not in some vague next world, but this one. They have planned and worked for decades to get where they are today, and if our only response is something like "God will punish you" and then sit down on our asses to wait for a Godly miracle or two, we are finished.

God may indeed punish them at some time in the future, at least some folks truly believe so. But the progressives - the enemy - they don't.

They fight for control and dominion over us and our affairs here in this world and have no rules other than "The ends justify the means". Lying, cheating, stealing, killing... all are prefectly acceptable tools to them. Waving the bible at them and threatening them with some sort of "divine" retribution sometime in the unforseeable future only makes them laugh and reenforces their belief in the stupidity of the faithful.

So... Go to church in Sunday. Listen as the preacher talks of salvation, etc. Watch Glen Beck every week day. I do. But I shake my head when he starts with his faith, hope, and charity babble. He asks us to get on our knees before the creator and pray for... something, but in reality we will end up on our knees and under the heels of the likes of Andy Stern, Saul Alinsky, Van Jones, and that despicible billionaire - George Soros - who has been supporting and funding them all.

The Christian who meekly dropped to their knees before the Roman lions quickly became a dead Christian. The real lesson there? It wasn't that they gave up this life for a rather poorly defined paradise in the next, it was that they gave up this life - suddenly, violently, uselessly.

By all means, go to church. Recharge your batteries. But when you get back home, read. Study. Learn the enemy. Learn their tactics, uncover their weaknesses. Then confront them with facts. With real history. With knowledge. And be ready for a fight.

Keep your guns clean. Should they truly get the upper hand, they will use our own military against us to keep power and enforce their will.

Bet on it.

What is it they have said in their manifestos? That it will be necessary to kill millons to achieve their goals.

That would be milions of American citizens they are talking about, and they will use our own military to do it.

The people who believe this are running our government at this very moment and are moving quickly to fufill their dreams and ambitions - at the cost of ours.

If we do not stop them, the time for America is ended.

texlahoma said...

She is not easy to listen to. I'm for capitalism, free trade, sovereign nations, freedom of choice. It hurts my head to listen to people like her who talk in circles. She needs to be in a real debate, not one with herself.

Ted Amadeus said...

Bob - that's the very short version of my point. I've been trying with little avail to convince religionists of this...Like pouring water on a duck's back: It might take time away from chasing the Almighty Dollar.

tex - The audio quality is not the best, and she is an immigrant (lucky escapee) from the birth of the Soviet Union - literally right before the Bulsheviks slammed the lid on the coffin - but there is no misunderstanding her points.
Rand's only failing is that she is verbose, ignoring the fact that "the more is said, the less is remembered."
The dissertation is presented as it is because, especially at that time, NOBODY FRAMES THE DEBATE IN TERMS OF "individual v. authoritarianism".