Friday, September 10, 2010

And So It Is Football!


To paraphrase a great songwriter.
Even though the rustiness of an unpracticed and disoriented Favre showed itself last night and few in purple appeared to be focused, I loved the game. Galt-in-Da-Box can't help musing that, had it taken place in Minneapolis instead of WelfareTown, the score would have been reversed. Hopefully, altruism will be suspended this season, and the Saints will actually have to work for it: What many mistook for "conservative offense" was N'awlinz barely eeking out a green check in the win column. Hope the NFL doesn't use up too many balls this time around.
With steak cheaper than pork, there's not gonna be much pigskin to be had!


Anonymous said...

DAMN RIGHT!! FOOTBALL IS BACK!! I'm so excited about it, I had to type in all caps.

I will have my own NFL party all day in my apartment... lots of beer.... good food, and three football games live... it's nice not to have to work on Sundays anymore...

One game they will show here is Redskins vs. Cowboys... maybe Wade Philips will finally learn how to coach... and Donovan McNabb might learn how to run a 2 minute drill... we can hope I guess.. it should be exciting.

Ted Amadeus said...

*LMMFAO!, hugz da boie*
Damn, are we on the same wavelength!!