Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best On-Call Weekend Ever

Nobody called, but the absence of work was not the blessing:
The Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys finding their game again and getting shed of that damn goose-egg in the win column, which I got to see while waiting for the phone to ring was! The humid heat of summer has finally given way to cool sunny weather in which to get outside work done. We need a couple months of this with the yard in the shape it is, and the resources to finish the rust remediation on the Old Red Ford. At least I am able to get out and walk again without suffocating and plenty of WiFi spots nearby give me great reason to Stomp Da Hood (posting from one now).
Anybody else think the new revised version of the Contract On America the GOPhers just released is a fucking joke? Let Galt-in-Da-Box read between the lines for you: Everything will stay the same, only with Zero IntelligenceTolerance enforcement and more "national security" excuses for Big Brother to watch your every move, and we'll find a new third-world hellhole to waste money and the lives of our troops on, while ignoring/trying to resell amnesty for the wetback invasion.
..Just saying all this because the Internationalist Party about to make gains in Congress differs from the Globalist Party already residing there in no way other than pre-election rhetoric, and if Americans actually wanted freedom instead of the false promises of a free lunch The Pope's boys and girls on both sides of the aisle keep offering, they've had almost 40 years to start voting Libertarian.
You can't solve a problem by continually advocating more of its cause!

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texlahoma said...

You summed it up well. I voted Libertarian every chance I got, I don't know why more people don't or didn't.