Monday, September 6, 2010

Let's Don't And Say We Did


Galt-in-Da-Box KNOWS football season is right around the corner when his interest in the Washington bullshitocracy experiences a precipitous drop, but this started a while earlier than usual.
I'm just getting tired of one group of "electable" liars telling me what racists/sexists/Hitlers/douches/scumbags/place-false-accusation-du-jourhere the other group of "electable" liars and hypocrites are. It's gotten to the point whenever somebody brings it up around me, I hear myself say "Can we talk about football instead?"
Seriously, it wouldn't be so bad if there was one new fresh idea among the lot. Instead, we're subjected to slightly-nuanced versions of the same rhetorical excrement we've been listening to in one form or other for 30 years, and this blogger's filled therewith to the point of near vomiting whenever the hype-ocrisy replays. The Yellowdog might be blessed to know "I shall return" to the polls this November - to vote Libertarian!
For those Network viewers in areas not graced by the Libertarian Party's representation, just vote against anyone in office, and you should be better off for the results - even if the challenger's a Democrat: New blood beats blue blood, any freaking day of the week and twice on Sunday!
Maybe this'll be the year I get that elusive Colts-Vikings/Cowboys championship match that's been too long in coming!


Anonymous said...

It's looking more and more like the Republicans will take over congress next year. After that, they will "investigate" the Magic Negro and try to impeach him. He will resign, then we will have President Biden until 2012. YES WE CAN??? NO WE CAN'T!!!

Football is far more interesting and less predictable than the battle between the D's and R's, I agree. Just wish they could have Gus Johnson do play-by-play for more of the high-profile games. Imagine if he had done play-by-play for the Super Bowl. "OOOOHHHH... INTERCEPTED BY TRACY PORTER!!! AAAHHHHH... TOUCHDOWN!!"

Ted Amadeus said...

Football just seems to make more sense than politics...But then, just about anything would!