Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Self-Righteous Religious Dipshittery


In-fuckin'-credible how, just when you start to think (hope, in this case) people can't get any stupider, somebody does just to spite you!
Galt-in-Da-Box hastens to add that, nothing says redneck like a good book-burning...except maybe a lynching (which this preacher may end up experiencing first-hand if some of his fellow Johnny-Rebs have embraced Allah & Mo). Cotton-mouthed hill-jacks from across Dixie will doubtless be scrambling to this Saturday's ignorance-fest in "Flour-doh". Still, what the hell...
If we're intellectually-challenged and cognitively dissonant enough to let Islam build a 13-story middle-finger to America in Ground Zero's backyard, then anything goes!


texlahoma said...

I think the burn Koran Day is stupid too but I think Gerald Celente had a good point yesterday on the Alex Jones show. He was talking about General Petraeus saying that it would make Muslims mad.
"What about invading there country and killing a bunch of them?"
"Doesn't that tend to make them mad too!"

Ted Amadeus said...

Good point! Thanks.