Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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This will suck without links, but I gotta deal with that.
Obama is upset and frustrated that the economy isn't recovering & his bureaucrats are explaining away any causational relationship between BP PondScum, that massive fish die-off in Louisiana and their gross incompetence in dealing with it. Our Dear Leader is greatly inconvenienced by the fact his advisors are dumbasses. His own government-monopoly-hugging outlook doesn't help. Perhaps cleaning up the PondScum while endeavoring to plug the leak instead of expecting somebody else to do it for him for months while smoking and golfing would have been a step in the right direction, though politically incorrect...Just sayin'.
You'll find some realistic views on the coming October surprise at tex's place.


Bob said...

His advisors are not dumbasses.
he - and them - are intelligent and deadly enemies of a free America and its citizens.

They are the Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists in our midst that do not concern themselves with the prosperity and welfare of you, me, or any other American citizen. They hate us. They despise us. They think we are all spittle-dribbling morons. They believe without question that - by virtue of their superior intelligence, understanding and empathy - that they are entitled and destined to rule us.

They want total power and control over us, and that is what they are gaining right now in Washington and State houses everywhere.

They - even now - are creating a bureaucracy that will determine - for example - just how many appliances an American will be allowed to have in their kitchen, or office, or workshop, whatever.

To them, we have too much of everything. That the poor, suffering losers in Ethopia or wherever don't have enough. So they intend to take it from us and give it to them.

They want to knock the United States down to a third world status while using our money and our resources to build up the rest of an undeserving world to where we are today, where we have worked for generations to get.

They want to give it all away to the people and nations who have failed. Failed as a people, failed as a nation.

Who the hell are they ro decide such a thing?

Who are they to demand that we sacrifice our nation and our future for those who have already failed themselves?

They are enemy within.

There are only a few of them, a small minority who believe they hold all the keys, all the answers. They do not. They have only fooled themselves with their disproven ideas, convincing themselves that they are right. They are not.

The World will not long mourn their passing.

Read "Atlas Shrugged". In it, Anne Rand shows us the world these intellectual throwbacks will create if allowed to continue.

Ted Amadeus said...

Only a fool drills holes in the very boat he is sailing...Such was my point:
They won't figure it out til reality broadsides their spiritualism and altruism, and they're at the bottom of the ocean.

texlahoma said...

Thanks for mentioning the October Surprise post, which I hope doesn't pan out.
I talked to a salesman the other day, he was bragging that the company that he works for makes the dispersant used in the gulf, like that was a good thing. Little did he know that he just slit his own throat as far as me buying anything from them. I read that Barry Obama wants out of Afghanistan but his big bad advisers won't give him a plan to get them out, if that's not total BS I don't know what is. I liked it when the pres has a sign that said "The buck stops here."

Ted Amadeus said...

Sorry guys, but the proof is indisputable that Burn-the-banke & the Tax-cheat treasury czar are blithering idiots when it comes to REAL-WORLD economics.
These cocksuckers feel more borrowing will get U.S. out of debt, more spending is fiscally responsible and deficit-slavery to our enemies builds friendship, security and liberty...
INSANE, but nonetheless the (basket-)case!