Saturday, September 25, 2010

To Be A Kid Again

Every once in a while you still hear someone carp this banality.
I would not trade adulthood and single independence for anything, especially that! For the retreaded hippies it appears another matter. Since they can't have it no matter how much they whine, they appear to have their hearts set on inflicting upon the rest of US the rigors of a second childhood that has gone from bitching about everything you say, think and eat to whether and where you smoke to gunning down West Point grads for shopping at Costco. Maybe some actually like being treated like they're still in diapers when they are fully grown, Galt-in-Da-Box is differently constituted; and there seems to be a few more of us out here than those who would dictate our every choice and move, and those who constantly bitch about the ones we make, had anticipated. For those who never do anything but watch TV an authoritarian maternalism sounds like paradise. To US who would walk in the ways of the founding fathers and believe we have the right to keep what we earn, "the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Be very careful what you wish for!


billy pilgrim said...

i was a hippy lefty at 20 but turned into a fiscal conservative at 40. just like old winston churchhill said. now i only complain about paying taxes and those fucking over breeding welfare cases.

Ted Amadeus said...

Bill Clinton & George W. Bush taught me that the "right" is not always right and the "left" is not always wrong, but both are masters of the game at selling you something you never get.