Saturday, September 4, 2010

Top-heavy With Progs...

...And still playing to lose.
Last week dredged up a veritable pornicopia of hypocrisy on the so-called "right" while the GOP scratches their domes in amazement nobody takes them seriously. Teabaggers, it's BOGA time! Galt-in-Da-Box wouldn't put it past Gimpy McFlightsuit to "put from the ruff" on occasion either, judging from the big red, white and blue, star-spangled schlong he spent 8 years shoving up America's tailpipe. On a far-from-unrelated note, feminStaazi-dumb is alive and well on the not-so-right, also. Kinda' makes ya wonder about the Mormon Motormouth and Alaskan Ditz: Far from being the CONservative paragons of virtue the GOP base is desperately trying to fabricate since it cannot find them, these little tin gods not only have feet of clay, but they're not even waiting til after November 2nd to crumble. Note to GOPher leadership: You have absolutely no right to expect anything other than anemic turn-out and continued defeat without something better than this to take point! As an obvious clue - to anyone other than yourselves, apparently - the object of the game is to set the bar higher, not lower. But what do you care!? It isn't like you're actually going to do anything other than take the Democrats' place at the feet of your globalist/internationalist debt-masters.
Tea Partiers might want to put down that 100-gallon glass of Fool-Aid they've been nursing and ponder how much actual difference they can make with embarrassments like these behind the big, red, elephant-spangled curtain.

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