Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Thumbs

makes "hunt, peck & erase" a hell of a lot harder.
Palmtop is NOT as convenient as desktop, and that wonderful wi-fi fucktion Galt-in-Da-Box thought would cover a multitude of shortcomings is very selective about where and when it wants to work. Blogger has no mobile software and mobile browsers are definately an emerging technology. Rejoice, the whining is over for now.
Posting from the Barnes & Noble @ Glennbrook mall, where I'm not surprised to find they have a "religious fiction" section bristling with tomes from Papists and "ASSembly Of Fraud". I guess "Christians" who hate The Word need something else to read that won't smudge the white on their sepulchres.
It was humorous to discover how many people are in the mall when nothing is open before ten. I haven't been to the mall on a Saturday morning since I was 14, and all the folks who used to tell us "don't get into trouble out there" are walking the joint in the mornings now, possibly in search of their own misspent youth, or more probably a way to avoid bypass surgery!
Saw a number of intriguing epistles about by Glenn Beck: Funny how he never sounded quite like the type I'd consider intelligent enough to write, and more like something the DHS would force terrorism suspects to listen to in order to extract a confession.
It's another working weekend, so this post will be mercifully short - just enough to let you know we still are among the ranks of the breathing.

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