Thursday, October 28, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

An honest election primer.
Which will you choose: The white zebra with black stripes or the black one with white? Reelect the Khazakh Party or "vote 'em all out in favor of the Papists? Do you prefer the Whore of Babylon or the Synagogue of Satan? George Soros' party or David Rockefeller's? The bullwhip or the waterboard? It's time to choose new oppressors - or not.
Galt-in-Da-Box is amazed at how many things the public just swallow without question: We're tens of trillions in debt but rationalize ourselves to be "free". Nary a week goes by when I don't stumble upon a self-described "libertarian" who doesn't vote Donk/GOPher "because we never win/I'm throwing my vote away otherwise" (hey dumbass: How the fuck are they supposed to win if you never vote for them - or are you just talking shit). The alleged college "students" - whom ABCNNBCBS and the rest of the leftist press insist are so "enlightened" - who flip burgers and can't spell their names. "MIZZZ" hyphenated last name fifty-something who can't figure out why she and her eleven cats can't find a suitor. Hard-core nature-worshippers who "put from the ruff". The ragheaded motherfuckers who truly believe in recruiting new converts through lying and mass-murder for Allah that the Papist-Khazakh cabal truly believe they are brown-nosing their way into heaven by inviting in and handing everything that doesn't belong to them. Meet the voting public...Gee, I wonder why the country's in such a mess. Oh, that's right; it's all Dubya's fault, even though he hasn't been president for two years. The 100% THOUGHT-free society.
I'm trying to see things from your "unique"ly quaint perspective folks, but I'm having trouble getting my head that far up my ass!

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