Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Think I'm In Love

Android poised to send Job's junk and Gate's garbage to the digital marble orchard!
Unless they can both borrow several times what they are worth and spend it in long, protracted international court engagements, the APAD and APod will make promising showings on the consumer electronics markets this holiday season. Android is a Chinese knock-off of Apple's extremely proprietary and increasingly technofascistic but popular web book, palm-top and smart-phone that is gaining market share at half the price and with clever use of open-source software. What that means in English is you can web outside the claustrophobic box of Windows-PC-Apple synthesized rivalry and yet use either of them safely while letting these portable, lightweight (sorry, Ipad) and modestly-priced toys bare the brunt of your online burdens.
I like them, but even when it becomes available to upgrade on my plan, I'm not bailing on BlackBerry unless the Android can give me all my Curve does and head, too!


texlahoma said...

I probably shouldn't comment on this post, not being too tech savvy, but I'm all for anything that cuts into the profit of Job's Junk and Gate's Garbage.

Jason said...

If you are a Blackberry fan, you might be interested in this: Blackberry is releasing their own tablet soon. The Playbook.