Saturday, October 2, 2010

Out Of Step

The voters or Washington?
Agent OrangeSen. John Kerry was on Imus last Thursday morning, calling the people "out of step" with he and his fellow Kakostocrats in reference to the TEAbagger phenomenon. In light of the Constitution and the gross contradictions to its principles legislation promoted by the failed 2004 Presidential challenger represent, Galt-in-Da-Box dares to propose the radical thought perhaps Comrade sKerry, his arrogant, condescending fellow subversives and their radical Marxist leftism are out of touch with reality, as well as America.
True, KKKerry and his "America is ALWAYS wrong" party have rarely been on the proper side of a debate since 1862 and certainly their own latent racism - which presumes blacks and other minorities aren't equal and can't make it in the world without a perpetual Donk dole - are a major factor in their doctrinaire miopia and lambasting the public continually, but this "let them eat cake" attitude by a bougoise socialist with hypocritical bed-ties to the Old-Money Filthy-Rich and the illegal migrant crowd cannot discern between partisan jingoism and the approaching reckoning on 2 November.
If there is any actual failing in the American electorate's intelligence, it would sprout more from the Fourth Branch of government indoctrination and lapdog media than the TEA Party patriots.


Bob said...

If the november election doesn't start reversing our course - remember, the slimebags always have an "October Surprise" to sway the college crowd idiots, the "Tea Party" may have to become the "Tea Army".

A real army. Because those Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists in Washington who presently have us by the neck will NOT go quietly into the night. They will go quietly into the night only when they are dragged there... feet first.

You will understand the beginning of the end has arrived when the blue helmeted foreign troops are seen in America's streets, and every one of those troops will be from nations/states that hate America.

Ted Amadeus said...

Bottom line is, we MUST get Papist gangsters like this out of office, and as you've suggested Bob, if the ballot box doesn't work for that purpose, other methods must be considered.
Afterwards, Americans will need to deal with the globalist Khazakhtocracy running the nations of the world through debt-enslavement.
We've never had a President this ignorant and arrogant, nor a Congress this corrupt!!!

texlahoma said...

Ted - It's amazing to me how few of the people in congress are stepping up to fight for the people, I know there are some, but not very many, which leads me to believe you when you say that this is the most corrupt congress.
I don't know if I've ever heard this put into words better - "...certainly their own latent racism - which presumes blacks and other minorities aren't equal and can't make it in the world without a perpetual Donk dole..." I've always thought affirmative action was putting the cart before the horse and caused racism by pitting the races against each other.

Ted Amadeus said...

tex, Congress has been bought and sold out to BanKhazar for close to a century now, and its blue-blood career politricksters like the aforementioned that have been collecting the bids; the "back-scratching/one hand washing the other" has deprived US of our Constitution and is eating away at the Bill of Rights with Federal exceptions. We have to replace these "good old boy" Establishment crooks with MEN committed to the Founders' principles, or it's over.
As to racism, it's just another way for the political class to divide and conquer!