Sunday, October 10, 2010


To End Funny-mental-ism!
The Whore is taking 40 days and nights out to blast everyone with fear and morbidity again. As if the "Christian"ized paganism of "All Souls Day" was not more than enough, the neighborhood's a-litter with signs admonishing all to fast and pray for the "immortal souls" (that don't exist, BTW) "a-burnin' in eternal Heyell-fahr!!!" because their mothers "murdered" them before they were born & a child-molesting Jesuit could bungholesprinkle 'em...And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer-time! Seriously people, you gotta be stupider than stupid to believe
1. That after almost 40 years of pissing and whining about this non-issue the anti-abortion gang has made as little progress as they have, unless
2. It's anything other than a money-making scam!
Your first clue to #2 is Jerry FAKEwell propounded it as a main plank of his "Moral Majority" - I guess one good lie gives rise to another: There is no morality in dispensational pseudochristianity, because there is no rightly-divided Word to believe and therefore no Power operable to energize it (whence drunkard preachers and wife-beaters arise). The reason abortion will remain legal is the Whore Of Babylon's hierarchy love government pork far more than their alleged principles. The history of the Roman Catholic cult is one of compromising the truth for godless gain, political advantage and expediency. It led half a million Americans to self-destruction in the War Between The States, and will end America forever if it manages to bamboozle the voters into sending the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer back to Congress to continue altruistic escapades at public expense.
It does however provide opportunity for an enterprising sign-maker and some OMFR dude's tax-dodge to rake in phat jack from the suckers"faithful"!


texlahoma said...

Well said!

There was a movie about some scam artists that were "religious" the leader of them says
"You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time and that's the sons a bitches that we're going for!"

Ted Amadeus said...

People love to call themselves "Christian" and rationalize going to a spiritualist whorehouse on a street-corner to hear a huckster bark out his ass/show off their newly-charged clothes or fancy DEBTmobile is proof of faith. Religion couldn't exist without them!
All God asks people to do is study and learn the truths of His Word and have the guts to do it - which is NOT usually the same, nor easiest thing.