Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What If

Ponder the unintended consequences of Pelosi's PapistCare money-power grab.
Let's say it's a late April day in 2014. Several "wealthy" individuals (bare in mind that Der Schtaat, by PapistCare legislation, defines "wealthy" as anyone not already dependent on them who makes over $14G/yr) in a specific neighborhood don't meet the health insurance requirements and these Uzveks merit gaveling for their impudence. After all, this is the year "aggressive enforcement" is to begin. What if, when government goons descend upon said locale to do their looting and take everything away from these people - including their freedom - they are nowhere to be found? What if finally they move in on the fanciest hovel these rebellious serfs are said to occupy, once again there's no one about. They converge on the house and start searching every nook and cranny of it when...BOOM! The whole place goes to matchwood, taking a dozen or so revenuers with it. From various and sundry well-chosen points around the property, snipers start picking off the survivors and onlookers while Chief Thief calls for back up. More SUVs containing more looters start to roll when suddenly the other houses start doing the Shuttle Challenger tank thing! More gunfire from other, well-hidden positions reigns down on the unsuspecting robbers with badges and, IT'S ON! Eventually, the Feds manage to gain the upper hand in this first engagement, but not without major material losses and casualties. As word begins to spread, others are not waiting for the Federal agents to come for them, and the hunters become the hunted, as the public at large realizes they have reached the place where there's nothing left to lose.
I really hope what I've just written remains fiction, but excessive taxation has preceeded every civil war in history and history repeats itself because authoritarians don't get it!

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texlahoma said...

Yeah, they might think "This is going to be easy." at first, but once the people know what is going on, it won't be easy at all.
Like now if I see the cops kicking someones door in, I just think it's none of my business. But if they start trying to take peoples guns and all that, if I see cops kicking a door in...well, it's everybody's business.