Friday, November 26, 2010

1984 Revisited

There's much insight to be gained on our pseudo-Judaeo/antichristian overlords in Eric Blair's dark novel of non-utopia.
This first of the Party Slogans tells you everything you need to know about every major conflict America's been involved in going back to Korea, and many have asserted before that! Wars distract the plebescheithe from the corruption and robbery of their rights by the political class, fatten the pockets of the Papist munitions manufacturers, and enhance the delirium of the Khazari Bankstaz financing the scam by indebting the nation further to them, "reducing" what they rationalize to be "the surplus population" of Gentile dogs & protecting "the Mistake on the Med" they voted into existence out of thin air at the UN in 1946.
"FREEDOM IS SLAVERY" or atleast it has been since the destruction of the dollar by the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, followed by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. These institutions exist to enable socialism by devaluating your money out of existence, it being the only reasonable means of exchange between persons of goodwill, and replacing it with coercive banking, medical and government monopolies which get to determine who lives well, who subsists and who is merely kept alive for Dr. Khazakh's financial benefit. Liberty for them, not your neverending expense. This is how you wake up a slave in your own country: Millions of amoral third-worlders imported by altruistic spiritualists, endless handouts of taxpayer money to anyone screaming for it while Chief Idolater in Rome tells U.S. we owe it to the lazy bums, and the aforementioned style of cannon-fodder police-action.
"IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH" - Your ignorance is THEIR strength. The longer you can be distracted from its enactment or willfully ignore its danger, the easier it is for the Establishment to become larger and more powerful. That process started in public school. For some, it is the media, music, movies, gossip columnists, "American Karaoke" or Jerry Springer...A thousand different lanes on the broad, wide path to destruction.
If you feel it is all happening by accident, or worse yet believe it's not going on at all, you are one of the ignorant that gives it strength!


texlahoma said...

"It ain't me." "It ain't me."
"I ain't no ignorant one."

I guess we are lucky in that we aren't in for the shock that people that turn a blind eye to everything are going to receive, sooner or later, when reality kicks them in the face.

Ted Amadeus said...

I'm thinking of some other anatomical locations and appendages of the freaking bums and dupes that are going to be discovering reality's boot size in the not-at-all-distant future!!!