Sunday, November 28, 2010

Apathy Kills

An open letter to the Ted Langs of the world.
People who don't give a shit about anything but their own selfish, self-gratification at everyone else's expense are morons. Low-grade morons. Leftist morons too, as evidenced by their word-parsing fetish (a lame-ass substitute for lack of argumental substance). Right-wing nutjobs will raise their voice when they have no substance, but leftists prefer to pick nits and major on the minors of how your argument is presented, or trot out tired, old, cliches about "those ignorant people" in fly-over country who believe as you do.
I do not suffer fools well. Morons of such ilk even less so. When you take all day drinking and doping up to make a stupid, lengthy, meaningless rebuttal, you tell the world you know nothing except how to lick the boots of your Khazar masters. The future does not bode well for such individuals. During revolutions, deadweight people are generally eliminated, seeing as they usually serve the purposes of subverters and other "Progressive" communists well.
And make no mistake about it, a revolution is coming.


Bob said...

Methinks the revolution is already here, the only thing missing is a trigger to get it rolling.

The mechanisms, the manpower, the machinery of massive change is in place.

It's just like in "The Lord of the Ring, the Return of the King", when the good guys lined up on that hill looking over the assault on Rodan... All they needed was the word to move.

They were facing a massive horde of evil - just like we are - but that made no difference. There was a job to do... they did it.

Be ready... It will not be a walk in the park.

Ted Amadeus said...

I look for it after a few "bipartisan" (GOPher compromise) proposals to raise taxes, expand welfare/warfare schtaat &/ give the country away to wetbacks or other turd-worlders, and we can no longer live in denial that both parties work for BanKhazar.
All their pro-capitalist bluster notwithstanding, Khazakhs LOVE fascism, as long as they are doing the oppressing.

Bob said...

Like somebody just said on TV:

I didn't vote for all this debt, why the hell should I have to pay for it?

Good point. Let's let that 51% (or whatever the percetage is that vote for Oscuma) of people who voted for all this pay for it... And leave the rest of us alone.

You want debt? Fine. YOU pay for it.