Friday, November 19, 2010

Copping A Feel

In light of the latest invasive, intrusive and obnoxious invasion of privacy and individual liberty being mandated by the Synagogue of Satan through the Whore of Babylon under the guise of "fighting terrorism" in the airports, Galt-in-Da-Box wishes to suggest a few things that would have already happened if we were actually and seriously at war against murdering Islamic fanatics.
1. Secure borders. INSTEAD of Bush and his fellow Vaticanists "opening a dialogue" to legitimize Papist invasion and branding the majority of the American people not compliant to their economic and political disenfranchisement "racists", a genuinely patriotic President would have defunded Catholic Charities International and other socialists importing and settling Muslims among US, and used the military to secure our southern border.
2. Hundred Cities. We didn't need to put 150,000 American troops in harm's way to get the ragheads' attention. All you need is a nuclear missile sub, complete with MIRVed SLBMs carrying neutron bombs and a randomly selected set of cities in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. At that point, any President not slutted out to ARAMCO and "our friends the Saudis" would simply announce to the world that the next major "TERRORIST!!!" Attack would result in the abrupt end of a backward, archaic and mind-paralyzing religious system that has no respect for individual liberty and national sovereignty.
3. End Global Sycophancy. Weakness encourages aggression. This is why a century of endless handouts to third-world hellholes - like most of the slave states in the Middle East - has bought us more trouble and less peace. Restore America as land of the free, not the free ride! This will piss off the Khazakh indebtors-bribers because New Khazakhstan"Israel" would have to pay its own freight from here on out, and the Papists because their Federal gravy train to advance Communism disguised as "Christianity" would stop in its tracks, but a safe America is worth it: Dear Uncle Sam, you are responsible for keeping America safe. You are not responsible - and should not be ashamed of - anything that needs doing in the world to achieve that goal, so quit listening to the spiritualists!
All this is based on the assumption 9-11 was not a false flag to begin with. There is too much suppressed evidence and intentionally unreported facts supporting the false flag theory for it to merit serious consideration. Neither the Synagogue nor the Whore are beyond killing thousands if enslaving millions for their benefit may come of it. Both are making far too much money off this scam of a "war" to even consider ending it, before giving everything we have away to the "enemy" - including our freedom - and calling that a "victory"!
The tragic fact of the matter is, a nation indebted by its Papist leaders to the Khazar wold fiscal cabal is no longer free, nor accountable to its citizens, but to those who finance it.


Bob said...

I keep trying to find out how many actual terrorists have been detected at American airports with all these hi-tech and high cost security toys.

We have squandered billions on this suppossed security scheme and how many bad guys have we found?

All the terrorists that have been caught - the underwear bomber, etc. - were coming from foreign nations, bypassing 100% of Big Sis's massive and intrusive network.

Others were discovered - not by our vaunted Homeland Security Department - but by foreign investigators using vastly different techniques.

S0... Just how many terrorists has been found with our billions of dollars worth of hi-tech junk and those 67,000 TSA agents?



Ted Amadeus said...

A big, fat GOOSE-EGG, I suspect.