Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"I Feeeeeel" With My Fingers

Sarah Palin's favorite phrase should give you a moment of pause.
Time and again Galt-in-Da-Box has come across people who do not think in positions of authority and to the woman, they use the same, lame-ass expression to justify their willful ignorance and negligence. Vox Day calls it the "rationalization hamster-wheel": People act stupid, then concoct excuses and cop-outs to cover. That mental habit crosses gender lines, but has a much greater representation among feminStaazi and effeminates. Pelosi love da jingoism too. All this echoes the zeitgeist that opinion, theory & spin trump facts.
Nothing spotlights this glaring issue more than the recent elections, where a 60% rejection of the dominant regime would have been much higher, were not most Americans easily swayed by emotional inuendo with which they agree, than obvious reality: No matter how many times the folly of something-for-nothing is proven not only erroneous, but fatal, a significant number of the population "feeeeeel" they are entitled to the earnings of others and wealth without working for it. As one who was influenced by this "herd mentality" in school, let me assure you the herd never uses their brains: They stand about waiting for some outside event or force to stir them to move. Any who stray or attempt to be that motivating factor are forced back into the status quo. NONE of this behaviour is natural or normal: It is all programmed into us by the stooges of the professional "herd spookers" and crowd manipulators.
Human beings were never meant to be herd animals.


texlahoma said...

Cause when you cut through the crap, it's just one more hand outstretched to grab a part of your hard earned paycheck. I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting tired of paying for people that don't work.

texlahoma said...

I found a site that you might like this came from it -
The opposite of a discerning personal vantage on the world is the Hive Mentality. Take a look around you. Do you see a hive thing going on? Everybody looking the same, thinking the same, acting the same ... "having faith" that they can somehow all get through the chaos around them because President Obama tells us we can. Yes, we can!

Ted Amadeus said...

The truly sad and sickening thing about it is, like the expression goes: "You have to go to school to learn how to be that stupid"!
Take a look at your average preschooler: S/he's happy,inquisitive, thrilled about the prospects of life & the world the future holds. Take another look at that child at 18 and 30, by which time nearly all manner of independent "outside the box" thought has been eliminated.
We start out optimistic, bright and curious...It takes a dozen years of government brain-filthying and indoctrination by others similarly deformed before a person becomes dull, apathetic and mentally myopic.

texlahoma said...

Ted - Amen.