Saturday, November 6, 2010


And I'm not talking those little toy cars you played with as a kid.
This is a little metal box with a couple knobs on it. You place it in-line between a radio transceiver and any bare metal object you want to use as an antenna, and presto, you are on the air! I used to have a little bitty one I used with my first CBs, ham rig and the odd screen door or porch swing with amazing results. Never should have gotten rid of it, because it had a "random wire" feature that enabled to use anything from a window air conditioner's chassis to a 6-inch piece of damp string for an antenna, but when you're young, you assume there will always be more of everything in better qauality: I sold it with my first amateur rig and many years later, bought another of the same kind and model I thought would work as well. No such luck. It seems to "eat the signal" from the radio when you flat match, instead of transmitting it. It's basically nothing more than a dummy load, and way out of warranty.
If anyone in the reading audience has one of these devices, especially one made for shortwave two-way, made in Japan, or USA before 1988, please post a comment with a way to contact you, or email me, and maybe we can do some horse-tradin'.

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