Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mile High Club

Among the joys of the Holidays - especially with Der Homeland Security Schtaat's new "scope or grope" measures - is airline travel.
Galt-in-Da-Box could stand to fly with nearly anyone, though hasn't been forced to as of yet, but there's one side-seat companion of the airborne sardine can I would never be able to stomach: "Kitt Tarmack", the MLM professional asshole! Bob & Tom can fill you in on the details if you don't know who that is, or you've lived most your life under a rock and therefore have never met the typical loud, obnoxious, big-haired, gawdy-cheap-suit-wearing, overpriced junk hack so full of himself (among OTHER substances) he won't shut up. Use of "the Mile High Club" new from Weaponland would probably be the least of my response after an hour's exposure to same...
More like an electric cattle prod!

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