Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"If you give a rat a cookie..."

What North Korea can teach U.S. - if we are finally willing to learn.
Regulars here are no strangers to the fact Galt-in-Da-Box regards altruism as bullshit, but I've never provided a detailed explanation of why. Thanks to Kim Jong MENTALLY-ILL, I don't have to, atleast not to anyone using their brains! USA Today documented yesterday the over 50 years of international welfare North Korea has been getting from South Korea, China and US. The last couple weeks, the lazy, dishonest, irresponsible spoiled brat has ventured out of its Progressive parents' basement and into the global streets of terrorism and blackmail! I'll spare you the ideological rants the neocons at Faux News are about to unleash as they beat the Papist war drums. As we are in full-blown Jimmy Cahtah redux mode, I look for a payoff from Washington anytime now. It seems to me China would not be interested in war at this time either, since it's one of about three countries on Earth not in debt to anyone, and wars are expensive and bad for business. Caught in the middle is South Korea, which has spent millions to buy reunification through altruism and received nothing in return but intimidation, threats and coercion. One-on-one, charity works. Its collectivist/spiritualist counterfeit, altruism, not so much. A desire for peace is admirable, but peace only comes permanently when one is strong enough to deter war.
The world always has been ruled by the aggressive use of force, and those not willing to use it - for whatever excuse - will eventually find themselves under the jackboot of those with no such inhibitions.


texlahoma said...

I think you're right about China not wanting war now. I think China is wise enough to wait. I think the dream scenario for them would be for the U.S. and Russia to get into it and weaken both countries. That would be a good time for China to make a move.

Bob said...


Methinks that all China has to do is be patient. They are becoming the economic powerhouse of the planet, and as such, they will eventually run everything... No wars required.