Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Search Of...

God had The Perfect Gift for a lost world, for most of the rest of us however, it's a different story (and we're just shopping for a few people).
Recently Galt-in-Da-Box found a couple links that serve a dual purpose: Wallstone Media features books, posters and other items that are thought provoking as well as entertaining, and if you can't find products in your locality that are American made, you can here. I used to buy everything at Wal-Mart because the urban legend sales pitch I had accepted as fact went that a guy named Sam Walton was president of it, and his game was selling exclusively American made merchandise. This unthinking habit is a thing of the past, along with the Walton ownership, since it is obvious the multinational corporation is part of the Khazar-Papist cabal, like unto McDonald's, the United States government and countless other generica that once meant and stood for something, but are now just a means to the end of controlling the sheeple. There are a few of US still awake, and we can make a difference a little at a time.
A perfect time to do it is now.

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texlahoma said...

Good timely post.
Some WalMarts have screens with Janet Big Sis telling you to spy on the other shoppers, they might be terrorist! "If you see something say something" it is very 1984ish.