Sunday, December 5, 2010

Only Off By One Word

"Righteous indignation" and related Funny-mental-ist dreck.
Fired up the Online Bible, searched with numerous concordances and in the end, found this tradition of the white-nosed elders to hold as much water as the cardboard box known as "trinity". Ya see kids, your first indicator that a doctrine is actually sound is that the name is Biblical, not some elaborate, bullshined, confusion-generating polyglot of $20 words like wrapping paper on an empty box.* The Bible doesn't teach three gods, so the term "trinity" does not appear at all - not even in the Apocrypha of the 1611 Authorized Version. In like ill-manner, you will search the Scripture from cover to cover and nary a reference will be found of "righteous indignation" or "cabalah" or countless other titles associated with the doctrines and commandments of men.
Preachers and teachers of religion fabricate these by picking and choosing bits of Scripture and verses out of context that appear to agree with whatever idea, worldly philosophy or talking point of political propaganda they wish to substitute for God's Word. In the case of "righteous indignation" all one need do is pick any number of verses from the Old Testament, Gospels or the Book of Revelation, ignore the Church Epistles completely, play up the Papal dogma that "God" (all three of "Him") is your friend one minute and your enemy whenever you are not doing what Reverend Father Preacher Brother Rabbi Hypocrite wants, and PRIEST-O: A freaking excuse to exclude, make fun of or bash some "socially undesirable" party in the congregation whose worldly junk isn't as shiny as you like. The railroad rolls along til said individual is pushed out by the haughty, arrogant attitudes this lie engenders among others in Preacher Pretty-Boy/Glamour-Girl's Street-corner Personality Cult. To accurately understand what the devil-spirit realm is moving with this heresy the next time you hear it propounded by Freyed Phelps or Pat ROBBERtson, just insert the word "self" in front of the words "righteous indignation" and you'll be all set.
Let God be true, even though the vast majority of religion is bullshit!

*See also: "One True Church", "God's Chosen People", transubstantiation, immaculate conception, et al.

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