Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Police-Action On Xmas

You'll want to sit down for this:
As CULTure-shocking and revolutionary as it seems, nobody - other than Jesuits looking for a new way to get pew covers and sell books - gives a fuck: We're trying to have a good time amid all the commercial robbery and Papist hyperbole. Galt-in-Da-Box seriously wonders how many "good, church-going/mass-attending" BFIWs out there know that Jesus Christ was actually born in September of 3BC and not on the Roman holiday of Saturnalia (25 DEC), or that the Magi never met the shepherds - they are two separate incidents nearly that number of years apart? I ponder further if the genuflecting lot of them know how weary we grow of their foolish banter to "put Christ back in" something He had nothing to do with from the outset?
I always thought holidays were for celebrating, not arguing over. Silly me! Every year though, Pat Puke-cannon or Sean Argue-ty or some other "good (anti)Christian" stands up and starts whining about how nobody respects the stupid-stitions of their Whore to their satisfaction. I have an Earth-shaking bit of revelation for them: The world is filled with people who have different views on the matter, so put on your big boy britches and deal, already.
Since 1965 you've produced more sodomites and atheists than converts, so getting the fuck over yourselves might also be an option you would like to consider!

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