Saturday, December 11, 2010

"You Stole My Idea!"

The intellectual depravity of "intellectual property".
I recently read on the website of the high priests of Ayn Rand's estate an extremely trite, pap and (I believe) contrived Q&A session wherein Ayn Rand supposedly took the Libertarian Party apart for "plagiarism", called them "immoral", "anarchists" and a littany of other things that are not documented as philosophical positions in her writings. Knowing the origins and drive of those who claim to speak for her, Galt-in-Da-Box will refrain from taking the assertions seriously, as I cannot honestly accept anything that would paint Objectivism's founder as an hypocrite, and the propaganda piece definately did! Instead, this post is directed at those living thoughtlessly off her legacy, and their Zionist puppet-mastters:
First of all guys, LIBERTY existed as a codified concept long before Ayn Rand was born. Ever hear of a fellow named Thomas Jefferson and his "anarchist, amoral" scribbling called the Declaration of Independence? Does the name Samuel Adams ring any bells? Not even a jingle? Perhaps then you should go to the bookstore and examine a little tome entitled My Bondage And My Freedom by Frederic Douglass...better yet, go to the library (I understand you Khazars don't like parting with your little green paper gods, if you can at all avoid it).
By the way, perhaps Mr Schwartz, or Mr Brook or other esteemed and learned philosophers of your school could explain to me how exactly I steal something that is still where it was before it was allegedly stolen? Peradventure a paragraph or two on how endorsing someone whose ideas parallel everything the founding Fathers believed nearly a quarter-millennium hence. If that's too much to ask, simply expound on why advocating individual choice is "anarchist" and "plagiarism", but the common Khazakh publishing practice of taking an epistle from one generation, changing the names, dates, places, rephrasing a few things and selling it under a different title and author is not? How do you dismiss the fact once something is published, you really have no control over what others do with the published concepts? Perhaps the "oy veh"ing, eagle-beaked lot of you could stand to stop feeding off a great thinker's corpse and put her ideas to practical use.
Blogs have exposed the travesty of "professional" journalism by delivering a superior product free of charge, so certain "intellectual" charlatans had better be aware that, if they are not willing to carry their lofty notions forward into practice, other individuals can and will!

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