Friday, January 21, 2011

No. 446

With no particular place to go.
Time flies when you do nothing but work, most of it in preparation for the 15APR @$$-rape.
Of the Arizona assassin much has been said but I am concerned little will be done, since A: he is Khazar, and B: he is related to law enforcement bureaucrats who covered up all the way to the attempt. None of this will stop the Washington Papistocracy from feeding us a steady stream of anti-TEA party propaganda through their ABCNNBCBS lapdogs and the fishwraps. The efforts by Comrade Helmke & the Brady bunch were to be expected from the GOPher neocons; they are what they are. The lot that sold US George W (am)Bush was not about to abandon their Progressive wet-dream of completely subverting the Republicans: Subversion is what Communists do. It is also why - the REAL reason - they fear an armed citizenry.
When the khazAristocracy sends it's bought-&-paid-for Papist minions about to grab your gun, be sure and give it to them - bullets first!

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texlahoma said...

I saw something the other day that really stuck in my head.
"Government can only take away freedoms, not grant them."
It seems so odd to me to hear people saying
"Take away some of our rights because someone did something crazy!"
People are going to do crazy things from now on. If we take away rights every time that happens, we'll soon have none at all.