Sunday, February 6, 2011

Football Season's Over

In a most delightful way, with arrogant Steeler fans bawling in their beer as the Lombardi Trophy goes home to title town!
Ronald Reagan would have been 100 this week. Though I'm not into primering tombs or decorating graves, the hope rises in me that we may as a nation, reflect on the philosophy espoused by The Gipper and forsake the flurtation with socialism undertaken in 2008.
For those swayed by the spin of Comrade Paul Helmke and other leftists arising in the wake of Arizona, you would do well to remember a liberal Democrat named Hubert Humphrey who accurately called the Second Amendment "an insurance policy against government totalitarianism".
The big game - life - goes on!


texlahoma said...

Yeah, that big distraction from reality is over, for a while.

Humphrey was right about that. I think people should keep in mind that he isn't necessarily talking about all out war.
The "insurance policy against government totalitarianism".
Can also apply to large numbers of individual cases in which people stand up to law enforcement invading their homes while enforcing unconstitutional laws. A rash of events like these could bring the tyranny of the government into the public spotlight and force change toward freedom.

texlahoma said...