Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Herp derp derp derp!"

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, but after a while you get the impression it's as if you had expired.
Sorry I've been off the reservation so long, but I'm one of those birds that has to start the "spring cleaning" in winter or it'll never get done.
It being in exceedingly poor condition, I have assigned myself family unification duty, and have been devoting significant time to planning how that will be accomplished, the best events around which it will be brought about, and just how much effort to expend toward same should the desired effect not be realized: When dealing with those whose hearts are granitized by idolatry, it's best to have as much preparation as possible, and to make clear that truth, not tradition, is the rally point. There are also projects I've put off for too many years now I am getting on with. I hope you are taking charge of your life as well. If not, it's not too late to start. Check out the Code Name Insight blog in Network Affiliates for details and ideas to build on.
One interesting event occurred on FaceBook about a week ago when everyone was blowing up over the Wisconsin whining, whack-offs, whimperings and walk outs. Galt-in-Da-Box had the audacity to state the obvious in the midst of the maelstrom of partisan jingoism and triangulation amid acquaintences thereon, by simply stating the truth. That will usually show up who your friends are, and about a half-dozen is the spring cleaning/burn the chaff remark, incase you want to find out how many of your own acquaintances are producers, and who the parasites are:
What offends the leeches in our society about this - particularly the boomer set - is they have been living off others thoughtlessly for so long they cannot distinguish any difference between a gift, a right and an entitlement. A gift is that which someone chooses to provide, while a right is the freedom to do or accomplish something for yourself. "Entitlement" is propaganda; a myth fabricated by the political class to justify the forcible extraction of assets from some to bribe others for their votes! It's not charity, it isn't care or compassion, it's a damn bribe! Unfortunately, eighty years of such bribes has resulted in the production of hoardes of unthinking, non-producing individuals who believe these bribes - the loot of plunder - are their right. They run the gambit; from CEOs to street people, from the ghetto to the boardroom, and the higher on the socio-economic pyramid you climb, the bigger the bribes get. Welfare, it would seem, is not just for the "poor" after all, especially since the Bush error! I commend the honest few who were not blinded or bought off and refused them or left their target class. The bottom line is the old age of unearned reward and the new one of needing to pay the debt run up by all this thievery and bribery are two trains on the same track, headed at eachother at full speed!
Atlas shrugged.

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texlahoma said...

I might not fully understand that situation, but it looks like to me they should be able to keep their union (collective) bargaining rights BUT the state (in this case) should be able to say
"This is the amount we can pay you, take it or leave it."
even if it's a drastic pay cut. Maybe I'm over simplifying.