Friday, March 4, 2011

Pre-Weeding & Weeding Out

Quite possibly the best invention since odorless farts*.
If you hurry, you can still take advantage of early March and significantly curtail the weed population in your yard. If you rent your home and your landlord's a cheap Khazakh bastard (but alas, I repeat myself), you've looked out the window more than once to an overgrowth of ugly, unwanted and useless plant life even bees can't get anything out of, so take this tip from Galt-in-Da-Box:
Get your ass down to Wal-Manaca, Meijer or your suitable local equivalent & buy a dozen of the cheapest 2# boxes of salt they have - which will usually be the store brand. Once you get them home, scout out all the now-barren areas that were thick with weeds last year. Turn the boxes upside down and punch 10-12 small holes in the bottom. You are basically making giant salt-shakers. Shake the salt out onto the problem areas just before the next big rain. Repeat proceedure throughout spring. Just before Summer, clear away the brown, withered plant-remains from last year & lay down cypress mulch over the weeded areas.
*Yeah, I know there's no such animal as an odorless fart, butt this method works: It cut my wasted time outside in half!


texlahoma said...

Thanks for the tip, I might just try that.

billy pilgrim said...

will this get rid of moss?

Ted Amadeus said...

I don't know, Billy. It can't hurt to try.