Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Thin But Silver Lining

Buried under tons of tradition, superstition & spiritualism I found the little bit of truth that could make the difference for millions.
It happened when I read this article and compared the subject matter against Romans 10:9, 10. I could see enough of the latter in the former to logically conclude that anyone who had ever recited it and believed what they were saying is saved! This may not jive with a lot of religious dogma, but born again is born again! It also trumps whatever ritual or other foolishness folks have been taught as being essential to salvation.
On that note, a few observations on this whole "Lent" business: I guess they call it that, because whatever you give up for it you're not supposed to get back - not unlike many things I have "Lent" out over the years and never seen again - because I couldn't find any references to it in The Word. Anyway, I look at it like Christmas, or New Years Resolutions and such. It can't hurt to do some Mardi Gras and use this time to get rid of a habit in your life you don't care for, by replacing it with a good one...With that in mind, I got an inventory that'll keep me busy every spring from now til retirement!! Start out simple if you've never done it before, just like New Years' Resolutions. Use little, annoying habits that are easy to break for practice. I know I'll never send Jim FAKKEr another dime, so that might work for you, too. Swear off voting for Dubya. Starting to catch on to how this works? Kinda' makes it fun, too.
Hell, I gave up religion for lent many moons back and never missed it.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, the Methodist church says that one all the time. But they say "The quick and the dead." Which always makes me think of a western movie.

If everyone would give up voting for Republicans and Democrats this country would take a giant step in the right direction.

Master Doh-San said...

Why wait until an arbitrary date on the calendar to begin making improvements in one's life???

The Aardvark said...

OTOH, apostolic instruction as to how to "get in" is not to be sneezed at. Reading Acts 2 and Peter's instuctions to the horrified crowd is cogent. Repent (which presupposes Jesus' Lordship) be baptised for the remission of sins (Peter's instruction, not some modern sect's), and you will receive the Holy Spirit (adoption and empowerment). Mere recitation of a creedal statement, or praying to "ask Jesus into your heart" are foreign to the clear teaching of the NT.
Creeds ARE useful to provide a Cliff's notes version of our mutual faith.