Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reality Or Rationalizations

There are three arguments commonly resorted to in defending religion in general and Vaticanism in particular against the healing, liberating realities taught by the Word of God:
They are 1) The appeal to tradition. 2)The appeal to mysticism. 3)The appeal to coercion. Basically, when a mind-numbed robot is confronted with the reality from God's Word that he is worshipping an idol/serving a pantheon, not the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the tradition argument commonly resorted to is that Catholicism (All 17 versions of it, presumably) is the "one true and only church, and you would not even have a Bible if it were not for 'The Church'." This Establishment defense rests its case not on "The Church" being correct, or even accurate, but ancient. When examined in detail, serious issues arise with this position, not the least of which are the facts laid out in the Book of Acts show the First Century Believers worshipped ONE God, as did the Hebrews. If Peter was "the first pope", as dogma holds, where is the associated pomp, circumstance & bureaucracy? Why does Paul become the central focus of the action after Chapter 9? Why can we search all Paul's Church Epistles and find no mention of nuns, monks, celibacy, veneration of saints in icons, the use of talismans &c, despite all the defense of them as tradition by Rome?
Next, the mysticism-based argument, used to go that "nobody can understand the Scriptures except the priests" and has now settled down to something like "for those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not, no explanation is possible." The fundamental assertion is that you exist only to be subservient to strangely-dressed and stranger-behaving "betters" whose word must be held in equal or superior authority to Holy Writ, and "you just gotta take it on faith". I suppose that, as in most political systems where the proles are expected to turn off their brains and play Simon Sez, this sort of rationalization makes sense - in fact, it is the exact kind of feudal monarchy or dictatorship most "Christian nations" of Europe once were, and many South and Central American countries have become! This premise demands you NEVER use your mind to Objectively reason or logically conclude; that you limit yourself to the coffin-shaped box of someone else's private interpretation. Acceptance of the premise means the debasement of the individual Believer's intellect, to which the Word of God is addressed, and only by which it can properly function: You cannot sanely or honestly believe what you do not understand.
The third and final contention is what Galt-in-Da-Box likes to refer to as the "IF YOU DON'T" argument, popular in all forms of "Christian" religion at one point or other, and ever called upon by Fundamentalists to force the proles to buy their bi-polar, schitzophrenic, duplicitous portrayals of Divine character, basically stated as "Well IF YOU DON'T (get with the pogrom/buy the Party line) you're going to Hell!!!" It is a tired weapon of last resort for the dispensationalist and an overused blodgeon by the charismatic. First of all, if God is an abusive parent, who would want to be His child? If the Almighty has nothing better to do than to send Big Brother Fake around to bash the congregants and threaten them with Hell for not putting the cap back on the toothpaste, Jesus Christ wasted His Life and time on the cross. There were plenty of trivial things punishable by death and Hell in the Old Testament - a stringent code of ethics the WASP CULTure propounded by Funny-mental-ists today has yet to improve on - so why go through the expense and effort of establishing the gospel of Jesus Christ to shew His mercy and truth?
The devil invented religion for people who don't want to think, and therefore can't believe the realities of the Word. The Judeans/Hebrews of the Lord Jesus Christ's day and time wanted a political saviour. Many people wanted the same thing in 2008, and look what happened!? An individual with no sense of himself will move to seek a counterfeit identity in one group or another. Hitler brought a whole nation under his thumb due to this, and led them down the road to perdition. For the individual seeking reason for living, and a life which is more than abundant, there's a much better Hope available than all the copped-out collectivism and intimidation on Earth!
God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and set Him at His own right hand to show every man what is available if he is willing to boldly take God at His Word. You and I have a choice to make: Stay where we are and be defeated, shuffle along in goose-step with the world - including the "Christian"ized filthy, stinking worldliness - and be destroyed, or look for truth and victory in the Word of God, and get delivered.


texlahoma said...

I was turned off by organized religion big time by the "Well, if you don't _____you're going to hell."

I felt much closer to God in the words that spoke truth to me and in the perfection of nature.

Ted Amadeus said...

Once I started into Biblical research it became evident that almost all religion is fillers and byproducts, papered over with a few bits of verses of Scripture to lend a counterfeit air of legitimacy: There is no love for truth, or desire to know God's will from His Word among the majority of its "LIARarchy", only a lust for power over others and any means by which to achieve it, as Romans 1 makes clear.
That chapter also confirms your testimony!