Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Are you still here?"

Quite possibly the dumbest question ever asked, or atleast in the running!
I hear it every day atleast once, though fortunately not directed at me. Imagine this: You're in your office, at your desk and somebody traipses in, stands there a few seconds, then pops this one. I'd be tempted to come back with "No, I left 20 minutes a doctor, you're hallucinating again...Work was so much fun, I decided to come back and stay all night, doing it for free! By the way, here's your sign!"
Likewise, if you're among the chortling robots who bought False Prophet Camping's lies about yesterdoomsday, condolences - but your unthinking, Biblically illiterate ass got what it deserved! Believe the Bible, not what religious hucksters and con-artists say about it. Try thinking for yourself for a change! One of these days, you are going to kick the bucket, and most likely THAT is the only "end of the world" you are ever going to have to worry about. If this seems harsh, good: It's meant to. Some people sleep so soundly, a good solid slap in the face is the only thing that will wake them up. I'm sick of hearing this ignorant bullshit!
You only have so much "sand in your hour glass", so quit wasting time on the vanities of charlatans/expecting others to do your thinking and believing for you, because it's a sure-fire formula for getting your motivational ass kicked.


Master Doh-San said...

Isn't it odd that no one in the dominant news media pointed out the conflict between Mr. Camping-Outs words and the Bible's admonition?

Possibly proof positive that they're clueless about the very Book they love to mock.

Ted Amadeus said...

The Bible does not advocate socialism MDS, therefore the atheistic Khazars & Papists in propaganda are not interested in whatever it might have to say about anything.
I fear the vast majority of them, as well as the politicians and the BanKhazars they fellate, hold the Constitution in equal if not greater contempt: Equal justice under law & anything with a semblance of morality does not well serve their purposes.