Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Days Of Our Lives

Had a great week, now that I'm back on a regular schedule:
Friday was the best. The work day started with a free gift and ended with a free meal. The free gift was a Brinks strong box somebody threw out, complete with keys, because it lacked a handle. Otherwise, it worked fine, so it will make an excellent addition to the vehicle for insurance documents, more important/valuable gear, etc. On the way home, I stopped at Taco Bell for a late "cinco de Mayo". It looked like a mistake because the drive-thru was longer than the great wall of China and at damnear $5/gallon, I'm not keen to waste gas setting still, going nowhere. I got inside just before they slammed and locked the door on the joint, and the line to the counter was just as long. There was some kind of basketball tournament in town, and basketball being more of a religion in Indiana than a sport, every restaurant open for five miles around the colluseum was getting a late-night swamping.
Just off work and my feet killing me, I grabbed a chair and sat to await the clearing of the storm. They had all these new sauces out, including a return of salsa verde, so I stocked up once my order was in the system and went back to my seat. As everybody picked up and left the party ahead of me apparently didn't stay to get theirs - which they had already paid for! The clerk made it available to anyone that wanted it, and I was the only one to express an interest...NEVER turn down free food! My streak of getting good-new stuff just before someone decides to waste it or throw it out thus continued unabated, and my belated celebration was that much more festive: Nachos & a taco to go with the burrito I bought.
So what if it was actually siete de Mayo when all was said, done and eaten? It went well with wine.
Yesterday morning there was a Biblical principles breakfast to attend, and after that I renewed old friendships at the Historic Old Fort Wayne. After lunch my best friend called, and we made arrangements to do a little Mother's Day boomstick shopping at Gander Mountain & grab lunch today.
She's kinda the reason I haven't spent much time here lately!

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texlahoma said...

Man, I like the good luck streak!