Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"JEEEEEZUS IZ UH-CUMMIN'!!!" - False Prophet Camping (take 3).

...Quick, everybody look busy!

...We better order more food!

...Don't just stand there, get the Man a dry, clean pair of pants!

Seriously, some idiots don't know when to quit, or how to keep their piehole shut.
Harold FAKE-KING is definately one of them! Latest reports from the Mount are he's moved the date back five months...after fucking it up twice already. So far! Personally, I think the old fart's got a cracked block, and is too hopelessly senile to figure out how to shut the fuck up anymore (not that makes him anymore or less clueless than the average professional religionist)! The score on accurately predicting the end of the world remains Bible 258, Religion Zip! The Lord Jesus Christ said He didn't even know the day, time & hour, only His Father (God)...It's even in red letters in some Bibles - whoop dee do. The Reverend Hypocrites, Doctor Quacks and Father Pederasts of the denominational religious world continue to play god with these false prophecies. If I have to choose what to believe, I'm gonna roll with the Word. Know why?
I've yet to find a Bible with it's hand in the til, foot in it's mouth, or dick up some kid's ass, and if you can read you can understand it!


texlahoma said...

REAL good point about the Bible!

Why do people keep listening to these obvious fakes?

I did a post showing what they believe, not because I believed it, but to help show how wrong they were.

Bob said...


I was informed that the rapture actually occured, but none of us made it!

Ted Amadeus said...

Neither did anybody I know...including the ones whose religious brainfilthying told 'em they were the only ones going to heaven - go figure!